Unusual photographs and video clips found on the Internet.

Numerous photographs and videos circulate on the Internet. Some are real. Some are fake. Some are real, but have been given false backstories.
Accidents Accidents
Vehicles crashing into and through things.
Hurricane Katrina Hurricane Katrina
Images from the latest storm of the century.
Advertisements Advertisements
Television commercials and print advertisements.
Medical Medical
Graphic depictions of injuries and disease.
Airplanes Airplanes
Commercial airliners, private planes, and military jets.
Military Military
Personnel and equipment of the armed forces.
Animals Animals
Everything that flies, swims, or walks on all fours.
Natural Phenomena Natural Phenomena
Mother Nature captured by cameras.
Architecture Architecture
Unusual ways of building ordinary structures.
Oddities Oddities
Weird stuff that doesn't fit into any other category.
Art Art
Is it real, or is it created?
Patriotic Displays Patriotic Displays
The U.S. flag displayed in a variety of ways.
Automobiles Automobiles
Cars, and what drivers do with them.
People People
The famous and some not-so-famous.
Boats & Ships Boats & Ships
Things that float.
Politics Politics
Poking fun at our elected representatives.
Body Modifications Body Modifications
Tattoos and piercings.
Risqué Business Risqué Business
Naughty, naughty.
Bugs Bugs
Creepy-crawlies all over the place.
Signs of the Times Signs of the Times
Tell the world about it.
Crime Crime
Crimes and criminal behavior
Space Space
Up through the atmosphere; up where the air is clear.
Food Food
Watch what you eat!
Sports Sports
The unusual in the world of athletic competition.
Gruesome Gruesome
Warning: Not for the faint of heart.
Technology Technology
Machines and the geeks who love them.
Humor Humor
Funny, funny.
Tsunami Tsunami
The Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004.
Hunting & Fishing Hunting & Fishing
Pictures of dead animals.
Weddings Weddings
Photographic memories of happy events.
Supernatural Supernatural
Supernatural and paranormal phenomena.

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