Walking Through Glass

Video clip shows a man walking through a solid glass window?

Claim:   Video clip shows a man walking through a solid glass window.

Status:   Multiple — see below.

Example:   [Collected on the Internet, 2005]

I just received this video clip of a man "Walking Through Glass". Logically it does not seem likely, but just wanted to get your take on it.

This is about the guy who goes through the glass window — crazy, but I can't figure it out!! It is a supposed magic trick — but the storeowner goes inside with him while the spectators watch from the outside?

Criss Angel

[Click here to view video.]

Origins:   The above-linked video, which shows a man seemingly walking through a solid glass window (without breaking it), is yet another entry in the list of images difficult to classify with simple "true" or "false" ratings. The best we can do is provide answers to some of the multiple questions viewers might ask about it:
  • The man shown walking through the window is magician Criss Angel, and this clip was taken from his Mindfreak television program, which airs on the A&E cable channel.
  • The illusion he performs is not dependent upon video manipulation or trickery — it's executed as shown, and it was captured in one continuous take, without edits or inserts.
  • He does not actually walk through a solid glass window; he's performing what is commonly known as a "magic trick."
More than that we cannot say without running afoul of the magician's code, other than to note that information about how this type of illusion is performed is readily available to those willing to expend the effort to look for it.

Last updated:   23 December 2005


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