Natural Phenomena

Photographs, pictures, and other images of natural phenomena.

Red bullet Photograph snapped by a Newfoundland rig manager shows an enormous iceberg.

Red bullet Photograph shows a triple tornado associated with the storms of Hurricane Lili.

Red bullet Photograph shows clouds forming a strikingly realistic image of a teddy bear.

Red bullet Photograph shows God's hands in a cloud formation.

Green bullet Photograph depicts wildlife fleeing a fire in Bitterroot Forest, Montana.

Red bullet Photographs show the approach of Hurricane Isabel in 2003.

Green bullet Photographs show Swiss landscape and vehicles encrusted with ice from severe cold weather.

Multi-status bullet Photographs show Hurricane Katrina hitting the Gulf Coast in August 2005.

Yellow bullet Photograph shows a sunrise shot of Mount St. Helens.

Green bullet Photographs show a sandstorm in Iraq.

Green bullet Photograph shows a flower-splashed hillside near Tehachapi, California.

Yellow bullet Photograph shows a mud puddle in the shape of Australia.

Red bullet Photograph shows the North Pole at sunset.

Red bullet Photograph taken in west Texas shows a tornado funnel and lightning bolt alongside a drilling rig.

Green bullet Photograph shows a "fire rainbow" over Idaho.

Green bullet Photographs taken from a yacht show a volcanic eruption at sea.

Multi-status bullet Pictures show a photographer making a dangerous leap from rock to rock in the Grand Canyon.

Yellow bullet Photograph shows Niagara Falls frozen in 1911.

Yellow bullet Photographs show a lake effect storm approaching Buffalo, New York.

Multi-status bullet Photograph shows tornado that hit Central Florida in February 2007.

Yellow bullet Photographs show aftermath of record-setting snowstorms that hit the Oswego, New York, area in February 2007.

Multi-status bullet Photograph taken on an Australian beach captures fireworks, lightning, and a comet.

Red bullet Rock formation reveals praying figures of a mother and child when viewed sideways.

Red bullet Photograph shows a tornado striking the coastal city of New Plymouth in New Zealand.

Multi-status bullet Photographs show Antarctic ice formations created by waves of water freezing in midair.

Green bullet Photographs show foam that blanketed an Australian shoreline.

Green bullet Photographs shows a "Devil's Swimming Pool" on the edge of Victoria Falls.

Multi-status bullet Photographs show icebergs with multi-colored striping.

Multi-status bullet Photograph shows a tornado that killed four Boy Scouts in Iowa in June 2008.

Red bullet Photograph snapped during a Korean War bombing raid shows an image of Jesus in the clouds.

Red bullet Photographs show a tree in India with a trunk that naturally grows animal-shaped figures.

Green bullet Photograph shows a collection of snowrollers formed in Idaho.

Green bullet Photographs show the "parrot plant," a plant whose flowers resemble a parrot in flight.

Green bullet Photographs show a volcanic lightning storm in Chile.

Multi-status bullet Photograph shows roses bred to grow multi-colored petals.

Multi-status bullet Photographs show a "fire waterfall" at Yosemite National Park.

Red bullet Photograph shows tornado-like storm clouds adjacent to the Statue of Liberty.

Red bullet Photograph shows Hurricane Irene hitting the coast of North Carolina.

Multi-status bullet Photograph shows a tree that grew around a bicycle left behind by a boy who went off to war.

Multi-status bullet Photograph shows a tornado that hit Rome, Georgia, in March 2012.

Red bullet Photograph shows a tornado that hit Kentucky in March 2012.

Red bullet Various photographs capture images of Hurricane Sandy from October 2012.

Multi-status bullet Photograph shows remarkably clear Flathead Lake in Montana.

Red bullet Photographs show monuments in Egypt covered with snow.

Green bullet A video shows two hikers walking on crystal clear ice.

Red bullet Photograph shows a long-exposure shot of lightning striking a tree.

Green bullet Photograph shows a volcano in Indonesia that spews blue lava.

Multi-status bullet Photograph shows massive snow walls lining the highway in Massachusetts.

Red bullet Photograph shows a tornado sucking up a rainbow.

Multi-status bullet Photographs show the place where two oceans meet in the Gulf of Alaska.

green bullet Photographs show the colorful Fly Geyser in Nevada.

Multi-status bullet Photograph shows an avalanche that occurred on Mt. Everest after the 2015 Nepal earthquake.

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