Photographs, pictures, and other images of the military.

Green bullet Photograph shows a tearful veteran embracing a wounded Marine.

Red bullet Photograph shows sailors spelling out the words 'FUCK IRAQ' on the deck of a U.S. aircraft carrier

Yellow bullet Photograph shows a U.S. Marine posing with Iraqi kids holding a provocative sign.

Green bullet Photograph shows soldier shaking hands with Sen. Hillary Clinton while crossing his fingers.

Multi-status bullet Soldier scrawls his response to an unfaithful woman on the back of a tank.

Multi-status bullet Photographs show a U.S. military helicopter painted like an eagle.

Green bullet Photograph shows U.S. soldier in Iraq growing grass from gardening supplies sent by his wife.

Multi-status bullet Photograph shows a statue of a U.S. soldier crafted by an Iraqi sculptor out of gratitude to America.

Green bullet Photographs show a Texas funeral procession for a soldier killed in Iraq.

Green bullet Photograph shows a military helicopter making a rooftop landing in Afghanistan.

Red bullet Photograph shows a U.S. serviceman wearing a "DOING THE WORK OF" patch.

Green bullet Photograph shows Marines in Iraq spelling out the phrase "9-11 We Remember."

Green bullet Photographs show Iraqi fighter planes found buried in desert sands.

Green bullet Photographs show a U.S. soldier who was shot in the face in Iraq. (Mildly disturbing image warning)

Green bullet Photograph shows a defiantly-posed U.S. Marine injured in a bomb blast in Iraq.

Green bullet Image shows artist's conception of the under-construction warship USS New York, built using steel from the World Trade Center.

Red bullet Photograph shows a formation of jets spelling out 'USA' over Randolph Air Force Base.

Green bullet Photograph shows Christmas wreaths laid at headstones in Arlington National Cemetery.

Multi-status bullet Photographs show images of Pearl Harbor taken in December 1941 and recently found in an old Brownie camera stored in a foot locker.

Green bullet Photograph shows a U.S. soldier comforting an injured Iraqi child.

Green bullet Photographs show a USAF airman marshaling a jet in a non-standard, revealing outfit.

Yellow bullet Video shows U.S. Marines in Iraq throwing a puppy off a hillside.

Red bullet Photograph shows Brutus, a canine Medal of Honor recipient.

Multi-status bullet "Motivational poster" shows a former cheerleader turned Air Force sniper.

Green bullet Photographs show a mass re-enlistment ceremony held in Iraq on the Fourth of July.

Green bullet Photograph shows former president George W. Bush and Laura Bush visiting a survivor of the Fort Hood shootings.

Red bullet Photograph shows a pregnant woman waiting to welcome home a husband who couldn't have fathered the child she's carrying.

Red bullet Photographs show a new Chinese aircraft carrier.

Green bullet Photograph shows an eagle perched on a gravestone in a military cemetery.

Green bullet Photographs show an NFL pre-game Veterans Day tribute not aired by ESPN.

Red bullet Photograph shows members of Seal Team Six.

Green bullet Photograph shows the wedding of a disfigured Marine.

Green bullet Photograph shows a U.S. Marine wounded in Afghanistan.

Green bullet Photograph shows Vanessa Dobos, an Air Force aerial gunner.

Red bullet Photograph shows U.S. Air Force jets celebrating a Supreme Court ruling regarding the Defense of Marriage Act.

Red bullet Video shows Syrian "hero boy" walking into sniper fire and playing dead to save a young girl.

Red bullet Vintage color photograph from 1941 shows the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

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