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Home --> Photo Gallery --> Automobiles --> Garbage Truck Camper

Garbage Truck Camper

Claim:   Photographs show a garbage truck converted into a camper.

Status:   Real photographs; inaccurate description.

Examples:   [Collected via e-mail, December 2006]


Got a spare garbage truck, you can turn it into a motor home. Guess this proves that with plenty of money, a good imagination and some engineering, you can turn a sow's ear into a silk purse...

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Origins:   We've
seen many examples of various forms of automobiles put to unusual uses or converted into different objects entirely, but ... a garbage truck turned into a mobile living space?

The vehicle pictured above may resemble a garbage truck from the outside, but it is in fact designed as a sort of a cross between a mobile home and an off-road vehicle. It's a TerraCross "Home on Wheels" manufactured by UNICAT complete with an office, beds, bathroom, kitchen, and storage space. The particular model displayed here is the EX63-HD/MAN TGA 6x6, which is described thusly in promotional material:
The ideal vehicle to make your dream of a world trip become true!

This machine combines the rugged "go anywhere" off-road capabilities of the MAN 6x6 with the comforts of living at home. Safe 2 years of design, construction and testing. Built to the exacting standards of the world-class UNICAT engineering team, this "Home on Wheels" is ready for your immediate occupancy. You do not need to be a experienced expedition traveller.
(Most of the pictures shown above were taken from the company's web page of promotional photographs for this model.)

The answer to one of the most frequently-asked questions about these pictures — "How come windows are visible on the inside but not the outside?" — is that the vehicle is equipped with a "lifting roof" that rises to provide occupants with additional interior space and a view of the outside world (as seen in photographs of a similar model).

Last updated:   15 January 2008

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