Photographs, pictures, and other images of automobiles.

Green bullet Photograph shows small car loaded down with 3,000 pounds of lumber and other building supplies

Green bullet Photographs show a woman smuggled over the U.S.-Mexico border hidden in a car's dashboard.

Multi-status bullet Photographs show an Audi automobile made from solid silver.

Green bullet Photographs show photo radar units concealed in wheeled bins.

Red bullet Police car video records motorist suspected of DUI being subjected to some wacky sobriety tests.

Multi-status bullet Photographs show a rental car ruined by an American tourist (or a woman) who drove it 130 miles in first gear.

Multi-status bullet Photographs show automobiles tightly packed in a compact German parking garage.

Multi-status bullet Photographs show a new joystick-controlled Mercedes-Benz SCL600 automobile.

Multi-status bullet Photographs show a garbage truck converted into a camper.

Multi-status bullet Photographs show a Porsche with the words "CHEATING BASTARD" keyed into its side.

Multi-status bullet Photographs show a barn full of vintage automobiles discovered by the new purchaser of a Portuguese farmhouse.

Red bullet Photograph shows workmen who have accidentally trapped their van within a barrier of bollards.

Multi-status bullet Photographs show a diamond-covered Mercedes-Benz automobile.

Green bullet Photograph shows a traffic speed measurement unit embedded in a guardrail.

Red bullet Photographs show thousands and thousands of unsold cars.

Multi-status bullet Photographs illustrate a trip to San Francisco in 1940 as described in a letter by Henry Ford.

green bullet A photograph shows a Texas plumbing company's truck in the hands of a militant group in Syria.

red bullet A getaway car was struck by lightning after robbing a church.

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