Black Lion

Rumor: Photograph shows a rare black lion.

Claim:   Photograph shows a rare black lion.


Example:   [Collected via e-mail, June 2012]

A friend today placed on his facebook page a picture of a black lion, is there really such a rare animal? I have seen white tigers, and even a white wallaby. But is there such an animal as a black lion?


Origins:   This image of a black lion has been widely reposted on Facebook, typically accompanied by messages imploring viewers to "Like" the large feline (e.g., "How many likes for him?"). However, the picture is a nothing more than a digital fabrication which was originally posted to the deviantART web site back in March of 2012 and is simply a color-manipulated image of an uncommon but decidedly real white lion:

Last updated:   7 February 2015

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