Commercials and print advertisements..

Green bullet A complicated "Honda Cog" commercial was achieved without the use of computer-generated images.

Green bullet A series of photographs shows a restaurant's 6-pound hamburger offering.

Red bullet Powerade commercial shows footage of basketball star Lebron James sinking a series of extraordinarily long shots.

Multi-colored bullet Commercial for a Nokia brand mobile phone shows a cat caught on a rotating ceiling fan.

Multi-colored bullet Ford SportKa commercial shows a cat being decapitated by a sunroof.

Red bullet Commercial produced by Volkswagen employs suicide bomber imagery.

Red bullet Video clip shows bungee jumper whose head is bitten off by a crocodile.

Red bullet Video clip shows a meteorite striking a pickup truck in the desert.

Red bullet Video clip shows a hidden camera mailbox prank gone horribly awry.

Multi-status bullet Photographs show a prototype of a pen-sized personal computer system.

Green bullet Photographs show shopping bags adorned with clever artwork.

Multi-status bullet Photograph shows a ceiling mural in a designated employee smoking area.

Multi-status bullet Photograph shows a duck stealing money from a woman's purse.

Red bullet Image shows an advertisement from the Virginia Beach SPCA thanking quarterback Michael Vick for his assistance in rescuing pit bulls.

Green bullet Image shows a recalled advertisement for Intel processors.

Red bullet Video shows a ball girl making an amazing catch at a minor league baseball game.

Red bullet The Ruby Tuesday restaurant chain accidentally demolished a competitor's restaurant.

Red bullet Video clip shows a chameleon changing colors to match sunglass frames.

Red bullet Video clip shows police ignoring a getaway car full of bank robbers.

Red bullet Video clip shows a man shooting down a waterslide, flying off a ramp, and landing in a small wading pool.

Red bullet Honda commercial advises customers to switch to hybrid cars because it will mean "less money for terror."

Red bullet Photographs show a Ford Mustang ad campaign utilizing semi-transparent billboards.

Green bullet Image shows a Humble Oil "melting glacier" advertisement from 1962.

Red bullet Video shows Evan Longoria making an amazing bare-handed catch.

Red bullet Video shows a beachgoer being snatched by a killer whale.

Multi-status bullet Image shows an advertisement for Oreo cookies featuring a breast-feeding baby.

Multi-status bullet Photograph shows a dogfighting event sponsored by Heineken.

Red bullet Video clip shows Bruce Lee playing ping-pong with nunchaku.

Red bullet Video shows Jeff Gordon pranking a car salesman with a wild test drive.

Red bullet Video shows a seal being grabbed by a shark as it was being re-released into the ocean.

Red bullet Image shows a 1980s advertisement offering a free U2 album with every casette player purchase.

Red bullet An airliner was saved by a pickup truck after its landing gear malfunctioned.

Red bullet WD-40 released an ad in 1964 that was full of sexual innuendo.

Red bullet A man jumped out of airplane without a parachute and survived by landing on a trampoline.

Red bullet The February 2015 issue of Cosmopolitan UK features a woman suffocating on the cover.

Red bullet A banned Sprite ad appeared to show an explicit sex act involving a bottle of the soda.

Red bullet An anti-street harassment PSA depicts men who were tricked into catcalling their own mothers.

Red bullet Video shows a woman getting eaten by an alligator while posing for a photo.

Red bullet Chipotle created a "Never Forget 9/11" ad featuring burritos in the place of the Twin Towers.

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