Halloween Frown

Unfortunately, the 'Nightmare Before Christmas' Happy Meal advertisement circulating on Facebook is a fan creation and not a real McDonald's promo.

FACT CHECK:   Is McDonald's introducing The Nightmare Before Christmas Happy Meals in October 2015?

Claim:   McDonald's is introducing The Nightmare Before Christmas Happy Meals in October 2015.


Example:   [Collected via Facebook, September 2015]

Coming October 1

Origins:   On 23 September 2015 a Facebook user published the image and caption embedded above, suggesting that a Happy Meal based upon the popular film The Nightmare Before Christmas would coming to McDonald's restaurants beginning 1 October 2015.

Like previous Facebook Halloween-based release rumors (involving a "McOuija" Happy Meal and a poster heralding the purported release of Hocus Pocus 2), the viral Nightmare Before Christmas Happy Meal photograph was a fan-created one and not a legitimate promotional image.

McDonald's Happy Meal web site confirms that the October 2015 kids' meal theme will be based on the current film Hotel Transylvania 2 (not The Nightmare Before Christmas, which was released back in in 1993). The image circulating on Facebook appeared in a September 2014 blog post titled "These McDonald’s Horror Movie Themed Happy Meals Are Ridiculously Awesome" (crediting the artwork to the imagination of a person named Newt Clements).

Last updated:   24 September 2015

Originally published:   24 September 2015

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