Actress Miranda Cosgrove was arrested for prostitution in July 2017.





A video claiming that actress Miranda Cosgrove had been arrested for prostitution was widely circulated on social media in July 2017:

Cosgrove was not arrested for prostitution. The NotThis News Twitter account is a “parody” of NowThis News, a media company that primarily distributes its news videos through social media. NotThis News also use a near-copy of the media company’s logo:

The parody account carries a small disclaimer identifying itself as a spoof. Yet in both the videos posted to their Twitter feed as of this writing, they use the Now This logo, making it appear as if it this video originated on the genuine media site:

Screenshot from NotThis News video


The Cosgrove video also used what appear to be TMZ and Al Jazeera graphics to make the story more believable.

The salacious subtitles in the video, in which a woman purported to be Cosgrove propositions someone in a Mercedes, also do not match the audio.

An unreliable Facebook page also picked up the false story. 

Needless to say, if Cosgrove actually had been arrested for prostitution, it would have been national news.