Potent Potables

Internet-circulated health warnings about various drinks and beverages.

Sometimes what we drinks harbors hidden dangers or unexpected ingredients.

Red bullet Red Bull energy drink contains a banned, government-manufactured stimulant linked to the formation of brain tumors.

Red bullet Drinking Mountain Dew brand soda causes one's testicles to shrink.

Multi-colored bullet Milk sold at Wal-Mart contains rBST, a dangerous growth hormone.

Yellow bullet Vitamin water containing antifreeze kills New Mexico woman.

Green bullet Some German states have banned Red Bull's 'Simply Cola' drink for containing trace amounts of cocaine.

White bullet An alcoholic can exchange his sobriety medallion at any bar for free drinks.

Red bullet Adulterated Dew® brand bottled water killed 180 people in Tanzania.

Green bullet A scientist testified that being immersed in a can of Mountain Dew would dissolve a mouse.

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