Emergency Room

Urban legends about medical mishaps.

The hospital emergency room is supposed to be a place of utmost seriousness, but it also features in some of the more amusing medical anecdotes.

Yellow bullet Obese woman brought to emergency room is discovered to have various household items concealed in the folds of her flesh.

White bullet Man dressed as superhero knocks himself unconscious after tying wife to bed.*

Yellow bullet Woman goes to emergency room when potato used as a pessary sprouts in her vagina.

White bullet Startled man knocks himself out when family pet sticks its cold nose into his genitals.*

Green bullet An elderly patient met his demise when the gurney he was strapped to rolled away with him.

Red bullet The face of the CPR training mannequin was modeled after the deceased daughter of the doctor who invented it.

Multi-colored bullet The Red Cross charges for its assistance.

White bullet Punk rocker with "Keep off the grass" tattooed above her green-dyed pubic hair awakens from surgery to find her thatch gone and a "Had to mow it" note from the surgeon.

White bullet Doctors let die those patients who've indicated they'll donate their organs.

White bullet Humorous accounts of examinations performed on patients.

Red bullet Accident victims die because paramedics confuse Lance Armstrong "Live Strong" bracelets with "Do Not Resuscitate" bands.

Green bullet A machine-shop worker tore his scrotum in a piece of machinery and then stapled it back together.

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