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Home --> Media Matters --> Not Necessarily the News

Not Necessarily the News

Ratings Key

        Green bullet = true
        Red bullet = false
        Multiple status bullet = multiple truth values
        Yellow bullet = undetermined
        White bullet = unclassifiable veracity

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definition of our rating system.

Red bullet A Romanian couple named their son 'Yahoo' as a sign of gratitude for their having met over the Internet.

Yellow bullet A man freed himself from an avalanche by drinking beer and urinating on the snow to melt it.

Red bullet Women in Germany face the loss of unemployment benefits if they decline to accept work in brothels.

Yellow bullet A mouse set a house on fire after the homeowner threw the rodent into a pile of burning leaves.

Red bullet An Oregon girl's message-in-a-bottle was found by a boy in Hawaii.

Red bullet An alligator captured in the Chicago River in June 2008 was the first such creature ever found in that body of water.

Red bullet A vengeful Polish dentist pulled out all of her ex-boyfriendÂ’s teeth after he dumped her.

Red bullet A Swedish man died after having sex with hornet's nest.

Red bullet A man in China has sued his wife for bearing him ugly children.

Red bullet The Gateway Arch in St. Louis is slated for demolition in early 2015.

Red bullet Doctors discovered that a pregnant woman's unborn daughter was also pregnant.

Red bullet A death row inmate was released from prison after two execution attempts failed.

Red bullet Oprah Winfrey posted bail for 'sexy felon' Jeremy Meeks.

Red bullet President Obama has proclaimed August 2014 to be 'International Muslim Awareness Month.'

Red bullet Police recently found 17 plastic-wrapped bodies in the Ohio River.

Red bullet U.S. schools are requiring children to be implanted with RFID chips in an effort to curb gun violence.

Red bullet An Oklahoma City McDonald's was caught with horse meat and human meat in their freezer.

Red bullet Police in New Jersey found a body that had lain undisturbed for five years under a motel bed.

Red bullet Former president George W. Bush was arrested in Dallas for cocaine possession.

Red bullet Yankee shortstop Derek Jeter has cancelled his retirement plans to sign with the Boston Red Sox.

Red bullet Actor Russell Johnson of Gilligan's Island fame has been identified as the Zodiac Killer.

Red bullet Coca-Cola is recalling millions of bottles of Coke with the name Michael on the label.

Red bullet A school of killer whales attacked and killed 16 crewmembers of a Japanese whaling boat.

Red bullet A NYPD police officer killed a baby following a breastfeeding dispute with the child's mother.

Red bullet Photograph shows a honeymooner taking an underwater selfie moments before he was killed by a shark.

Red bullet The artificial sweetener aspartame was originally developed as an ant poison.

Red bullet The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), also known as food stamps, will be discontinued in March 2015.

Red bullet Facebook will begin monitoring posts for indications of drug activity.

Red bullet The state of California is fining ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ participants for wasting water.

Red bullet A group of teenagers re-enacting the plot of the film The Purge 2 in Chicago murdered over 112 people.

Red bullet George Zimmerman was arrested while visiting Ferguson, Missouri.

Red bullet The creator of Breaking Bad announced the series will return for a sixth season.

Red bullet Rapper Tupac Shakur, thought to have been killed in 1996, has come out of hiding.

Red bullet A teenager was sentenced to 25 years in prison for the prank known as "swatting."

Red bullet Congress has passed a bill to provide free cars to welfare recipients.

Red bullet Actress Betty White has died.

Red bullet Record-breaking snowfall is forecast to cover most of the United States this coming winter.

Red bullet President Obama will resign on 1 January 2015 over Benghazi.

Red bullet Coors Light beer has been found to be contaminated with cocaine.

Red bullet The remains of an ancient city were discovered in the Australian desert.

Red bullet A Florida teacher gave sixth grade students an explicit sex ed lesson involving a strap-on sex toy due to satisfy common core requirements.

Red bullet The brother of a top ISIS leader has repented and converted to Christianity.

Red bullet Prisoners swapped in exchange for the release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl are now 'ISIS leaders.'

Red bullet Has crystal meth been legalized in Colorado?

Red bullet Michelle Obama announced plans to file for divorce from President Obama because he's always golfing.

Red bullet Puff Daddy, also known as Sean Combs, has been arrested in connection with the murder of Tupac Shakur.

Red bullet Basketball star Earvin Magic Johnson has donated blood for leukemia patients.

Red bullet Piracy has killed Netflix, as the streaming service cannot keep up with peer-to-peer sharing networks.

Red bullet Kanye West scored 106 points in a charity basketball game against a team of children in wheelchairs.

Red bullet Texas is about to legalize marijuana for medicinal and recreational use.

Red bullet Obamacare death panels have excuted Dorothy Zbornak, 86, because she was no longer useful.

Red bullet iPhone 6 devices assembled in Sierra Leone have been linked to an Ebola virus outbreak.

Red bullet Viral hoaxstress Jasmine Tridevil was found dead in her home.

Red bullet A prehistoric giant shark related to Megalodon has been captured.

Red bullet Artist Lana Newstrom is making millions of dollars selling invisible art.

Red bullet The CDC has announced trials of an Ebola vaccine that works only on white people.

Red bullet MTV is filming a new reality show, 12 and Pregnant.

Red bullet President of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe announced plans for a "white Holocaust."

Red bullet Tax refunds for 2014 will be delayed until October of 2015.

Red bullet Sarah Palin has urged President Obama to invade Ebola.

Red bullet A historian claims he has discovered an eyewitness account of Jesus performing a miracle.

Red bullet Image circulates of an Ebola victim who has risen from the dead.

Red bullet Dallas Cowboy Tony Romo is gay.

Red bullet A man killed 7 people with a chainsaw at a haunted house in California.

Red bullet An Ebola outbreak in Chicago left three dead and four have been sickened.

Red bullet A 14-year-old girl is pregnant with the "son of God."

Red bullet An open drink at a nurses' station led to three deaths.

Red bullet A 34-year-old woman was buried alive in Chicago.

Red bullet The Coen brothers have announced plans to begin filming a Big Lebowski sequel in January 2015.

Red bullet U2 singer Bono contracted the Ebola virus while caring for a man in Liberia.

Red bullet The town of Purdon, Texas was quarantined after a family of five tested positive for the Ebola virus.

Red bullet The U.S. Department of State issued a travel advisory for the state of Texas following an Ebola outbreak.

Red bullet A CDC whistleblower revealed a plot using the Ebola virus to embed all Americans with RFID tracking chips.

Red bullet Street artist Banksy's identity was revealed after he was arrested in Watford, England.

Red bullet Starbucks drinks contain semen because it adds "more flavor."

Red bullet 17 kindergarten students tested positive for Ebola in Texas.

Red bullet Las Vegas casinos want to legalize dog fighting to make more money.

Red bullet A corpse went undiscovered for two weeks at a haunted house.

Red bullet A study proved men who eat grits are more likely to father gay children.

Red bullet Crime reporter Nancy Grace was arrested for murder.

Red bullet Kenyan authorities released papers confirming Barack Obama's birth in that country.

Red bullet Third graders in Olathe, Kansas, contracted Ebola from a substitute teacher.

Red bullet Gov. Chris Christie has canceled Halloween trick-or-treating activities in New Jersey over fears of Ebola.

Red bullet The federal government will enact a nationwide minimum hunting age of 21.

Red bullet The Texas Department of Corrections will grant the request of a cannibal to have a child as his last meal.

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