Fake America Great Again

Supporters of Donald Trump weren't photographed wearing "Make America White Again" shirts.

Claim: Photograph shows Donald Trump supporters wearing "Make America White Again" shirts at a rally.


Example: [Collected via e-mail and Twitter, March 2016]

This couldn't really be true. Found it today on my Facebook feed.

Found this on facebook- "Make America White Again" with four white women in white t-shirts at a Trump rally. Photoshop or real

Origin:In early March 2016, the above-reproduced image began circulating on Facebook, depicting four women at a Donald Trump rally wearing t-shirts that appeared to bear the slogan "Make America White Again."

The claim was a riff on Trump's much-debated campaign tagline "Make America Great Again," a phrase that opponents countered by asserting America never "stopped being great." However, Trump's words resonated with his base, and the phrase frequently appeared on shirts, hats, and other Trump memorabilia.

It wasn't difficult to determine that the photograph had been altered. The original dated back to at least December 2015, and the photo revealed that the supporters depicted had simply reproduced Trump's rallying phrase:

trump women make america great again

Last updated: 10 March 2016

Originally published: 10 March 2016

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