Dating Disasters

Urban legends about dating disasters.

Few engagements in the world of romance are as precarious as a first date. "You never get a second chance to make a first impression," the adage says, and so we desperately strive to ensure that everything goes perfectly during that initial encounter. But sometimes things are a little less than perfect — disastrously so, in fact.

White bullet Young lady on a date farts in private, only to find out it wasn't quite so private.

White bullet Young man discovers pharmacist who sold him condoms is his date's father.*

White bullet Young man on a date messes his pants, buys new pants, throws old pants away, then discovers his shopping bag contains a sweater instead of pants.

Red bullet A girl freezes her naked ass to her date's car on their first (and last) date.

White bullet Young woman on a date who is too timid to ask where the toilet is meets with disastrous results.

White bullet Student returning to dorm room naked is surprised by his girlfriend and her parents.*

White bullet Socially inept fellow's attempt to divert attention from himself backfires.

White bullet Fellow having dinner with his fiancée's parents zips the edge of the tablecloth into his pants by mistake.

Green bullet Fellow staying overnight drinks his girlfriend's contact lenses that were left in a glass of water by the bed.

Green bullet E-mailed synopsis of date reveals unsavory aspects of reviewer's personality.

Yellow bullet Careless e-mail forward reveals embarrassing dating details.

White bullet Gal who advertises on Craigslist for a rich husband receives advice from potential life partner.

Green bullet January is the "break up" month.

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