Liselotte Whobner?

A meme featuring an image of Donald Trump and a quote purportedly from "Liselotte Hübner" was shared in February 2016.

In February 2016, a meme featuring an image of Donald Trump, superimposed with a quote ostensibly uttered by someone named "Liselotte Hübner," started to circulate. The quote read:

My fellow citizens, the rise of this blusterous man bewilders the educated among us, conjoins opposing politicians, agonizes our international allies, threatens minorities, spits on the disabled, and touches the hearts of those who just don't know any better.

Let us stop propounding how mad this all is, but instead, do something.

Liselotte Hübner, 1929

Many who viewed the meme were left with more questions than answers: Who was Liselotte Hübner? Did she really say this? Was she a historical figure? How did it relate to Donald Trump?

The meme originated on the Facebook page of Sebastian Mueller-Soppart on 22 February 2016:

According to Sebastian, Liselotte Hübner was a woman who spent time in a concentration camp after voicing her opinion about Hitler. She is also his grandmother:

I did the translation recently, based on what my mom told me. Liselotte, my grandmother, spent two years in a concentration camp after voicing her opinion.

Sebastian admitted that the quote, as lyrical as it is, may not be entirely accurate, as there is no way to determine exactly what Hübner said:

Liselotte, my grandmother, spoke out against Hitler and consequently spent over two years in a concentration camp. Her exact words are unknown.

While some may see a connection to Hübner's quote and the rise of Donald Trump, the original context of the words apparently had little to do with modern politics, and indeed, may not have been said at all.

We've reached out to Sebastian Mueller-Soppart for further information about the origins of this quote.


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