Political pieces related to Hurricane Katrina.

Green bullet Photograph captions describe a black man "looting" and a white couple "finding" supplies in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.*

Green bullet Condoleezza Rice shopped for expensive shoes just after Hurricane Katrina struck.

Red bullet Louisiana governor Kathleen Blanco refused President Bush's pleas to declare an emergency before Hurricane Katrina struck.

Red bullet Rap artist Kanye West has been dropped as a Pepsi spokesperson because of his criticism of the handling of Hurricane Katrina disaster efforts and news coverage.

Yellow bullet A Texas city provided Hurricane Katrina evacuees with free transportation to a local job fair, but no one used the service.

Green bullet The mayor of New Orleans turned down an offer for the city to make $5 million on the removal of vehicles wrecked by Katrina and instead opted for plan that would have cost the city $23 million.

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