Photo Gallery

Photographs, pictures, and other images of Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath.

Green bullet Photograph captions describe a black man "looting" and a white couple "finding" supplies in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

Multi-status bullet Photograph shows a satellite view of Hurricane Katrina.

Green bullet Photograph shows gas station sign advertising premium gasoline for $6.07 per gallon.

Green bullet Photograph shows school buses caught in a flooded New Orleans parking lot.

Multi-status bullet Photographs show Hurricane Katrina hitting Mississippi in August 2005.

Multi-status bullet Photographs show snakes driven to an offshore oil rig by Hurricane Katrina.

Green bullet Television news screen shot captures President Bush with an inadvertently humorous caption.

Red bullet Photographs show President Bush engaged in various recreational activities in areas ravaged by Hurricane Katrina.

Multi-status bullet Photographs show a 21-foot crocodile found swimming in the streets of New Orleans.

Red bullet Police speed camera photograph shows car blown at 133 MPH by Hurricane Katrina.

Yellow bullet E-mail juxtaposes photographs of human and canine evacuees from New Orleans.

Green bullet News agency photo shows Hurricane Katrina evacuee's valid debit card number.

Multi-status bullet Photographs show a snake found in the receding flood waters of New Orleans.

Green bullet Photograph shows dogs evacuated from the Gulf region after Hurricane Katrina.

Yellow bullet Photograph shows Texas A&M bookstore windows boarded up from the wrong side in advance of Hurricane Rita.

Green bullet Photograph shows a storm surge created by Hurricane Katrina.

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