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New Articles

  • The family of Addie Fausett, a 6-year-old girl with a terminal brain disorder, has asked the public to send Addie a "lifetime of Christmas cards."
  • Has Michigan passed a law exempting emergency medical personnel from treating gay people?
  • Was a whale carcass found in a field in Utah?
  • Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg has converted to Islam?
  • General Mills is bringing the cereal French Toast Crunch back to stores in the United States.
  • Are gang members really using Super Soakers to hide big guns?
  • Does James Bond actor Daniel Craig get free Aston Martin cars for life?
  • Were Deandre Joshua and Shawn Gray murdered after testifying before a grand jury in Ferguson?
  • Has Selena's killer Yolanda Saldivar been granted early parole?
  • Was Iggy Azalea born biologically male?
  • Musician Bret Michaels becomes the most recent in a long line of celebrities who have not died in Jet-Ski accidents.
  • NFL quarterback Cam Newton was injured in a car crash.
  • Will changes to Facebook's terms of service change on 1 January and allow the service to send data to the FBI, CIA, and NSA?
  • Does Al Sharpton owe more than four million dollars in unpaid taxes?
  • Has Illinois made it a felony for its citizens to record the police?
  • Did illegal loggers cut down the world's oldest tree?
  • Does a circulating video show Mike Brown beating up an older man?
  • Did Kristen Stewart slam the military and defend 9/11 terrorists?
  • Can food stamps now be used to purchase alcohol and tobacco products?
  • Did ABC pay Darren Wilson for an interview?
  • Does Home Depot spray trees with a chemical that killed a kitten?
  • Did Kylie Jenner announce that she was pregnant on Twitter?
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Worth a Second Look

  • Did Coca-Cola recall an advertising poster due to a risque image hidding within it?

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