Update: 1 November 2014

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New Articles

  • Did an immigrant who tested positive for Ebola escape custody in Leicester?
  • Rumor claims comedian Bill Cosby has sexually assaulted at least thirteen different women.
  • Have Kenyan authorities released papers confirming President Barack Obama's birth in that country?
  • Rumor claims that actor Judd Nelson has died.
  • The case of a woman who sought medical help to remove a deer tongue she had used for self-pleasuring purposes.
  • featured a Halloween page for "fat girl costumes."
  • Did Gov. Rick Scott adopt a dog during his campaign and return it once he was elected?
  • Photographs show Asian law enforcement officials negotiating with (and shooting) a suspect who is holding children hostage.
  • Was a Marine banned from his daughter's school for objecting to a lesson on Islam?
  • Why was a mysterious tractor trailer truck convoy under police escort in Virginia?
  • A giant cat appeared on Auckland's Google Maps.
  • Did Michele Bachmann appear on Fox News and doubt the veracity of dinosaur bones?
  • Did a group of third grade students in Olathe, Kansas, contract Ebola from a substitute teacher?
  • Is the IRS seizing the bank accounts of innocent citizens without cause?
  • Is Fireball Whisky being recalled?
  • Did Harpo Marx change his given name from Adolph to Arthur to avoid association with Adolf Hitler?
  • Pope Francis said evolution and the Big Bang theory are compatible with religious beliefs.
  • Did Gov. Chris Christie cancel trick-or-treating due to fears about Ebola?
  • A Kohl's $100 Gift Card survey scam is preying on Facebook users.
  • Will the federal government be enacting a nationwide minimum hunting age of 21 in 2015?
  • Did a woman call 911 and pretend to order a pizza so police would respond without her attacker's knowledge?
  • Were voting machines in Cook County, Illinois rigged to favor Democrats?
  • Is the government arresting people for anti-Obama Facebook posts?
  • Has the Texas DOC granted a cannibal's request for a child as his last meal?
  • Do a growing number of college students support "post-birth abortion?"
  • Did the Missouri state government issue "nigger hunting" licenses in 1995
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