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New Articles:

NASA Debunks Asteroid Rumors

NEWS: Rumors about an “asteroid threat” have been addressed by NASA.

Skeleton Key

FACT CHECK: Does a photograph shows two young boys who disappeared from their home in 1920 after discovering a treasure map?

Cannabis Kills Cancer Cells in Preclinical Studies

NEWS: The National Cancer Institute reported that cannabis killed cancer cells in preclinical studies.

Protest Gloat

FACT CHECK: Does a photograph depict a protester holding a misspelled sign demanding “Justise 4 Trayvon”?

Black Panther

FACT CHECK: Does a photograph show Michelle Obama sporting a Black Panther shirt?

Irate for Dinner

FACT CHECK: Is Lansing, Michigan, hosting a Ramadan Unity Dinner on 11 September 2015?

Tag Scheme

FACT CHECK: Do all police cars (marked and unmarked) have “L” as the final letter of their license plates?

Meijer Coupon Scam

SCAM: Survey scam masquerades as a Meijer $100 “Back to School" coupon offer.

Texas Woman’s Remains Stolen

NEWS: The remains of Julie Mott, 25, were stolen from a San Antonio funeral home.

Whale Trust

FACT CHECK: Have scientists discovered whales living in Lake Michigan?

Tattle Hymn

FACT CHECK: Did a federal judge order Brandon High School in Mississippi to remove the hymn “How Great Thou Art” from their marching band’s halftime show?

Sun Don't Shine State

FACT CHECK: Did the state of Florida legalize nudity on all beaches?

Pumpkin Spice Latte M&Ms

NEWS: Pumpkin Spice Latte M&Ms are real and available in stores.

Postpartum Deletion

FACT CHECK: Did Chelsea Clinton say that she erased her mother Hillary Clinton’s e-mails due to postpartum depression?

Minimum Rage

FACT CHECK: Did Chris Christie say that teachers should make only minimum wage plus bonuses?

Dumpster Jiving

FACT CHECK: Did a homeless man find a baby with seven legs in a Dumpster following a botched abortion?

McWhopper of a Deal

FACT CHECK: Was a Wendy’s worker arrested for contaminating a hamburger with her bodily fluids?

One Misdirection

FACT CHECK: Did former boy band member Joey Fatone pen an open letter to current boy band One Direction?

James Earl Jones Dead?

FACT CHECK: Has veteran actor James Earl Jones passed away?

Fretting Warmer

FACT CHECK: Is it dangerous to put Downy Unstopables (or other laundry fragrance beads) in a tart or wax warmer?

Linda Blare

FACT CHECK: Was a young girl’s Wonder Woman lunchbox described as being “too violent” in a school’s letter to parents?

Troll Sister

FACT CHECK: Did Josh Duggar seek a “brother-sister” type affair on the infidelity-based dating web site Ashley Madison?

Trafficking Patterns

FACT CHECK: Was a female shopper at a Tampa-area Target store targeted by child sex trafficking operatives?

Arnold Schwarzenegger

FACT CHECK: Has actor (and former California governor) Arnold Schwarzenegger passed away from a heart attack?

Border Disorder

FACT CHECK: Does a photograph show a border fence between the countries of Mexico and Guatemala?

VP Blutarsky

FACT CHECK: Did Vice President Joe Biden say that the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

Blunder Pressure

FACT CHECK: Does a photograph depict a pressure cooker accident?

Staten Island Mystery Stench

NEWS: Staten Island residents reported a “mystery stench” on 28 August 2015.

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