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New Articles:

Irena Sendler

History: Irena Sendler, supposedly a candidate for the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize, is credited with saving 2,500 Polish Jews from the Holocaust.

Willie Nelson Death Hoax

Country music legend Willie Nelson is not dead; he's just the target of a recirculated celebrity death hoax.

Strongest Dad in the World

Glurge: Rick and Dick Hoyt are a father and disabled son who participate as a team in marathons.


Rumor: Hillary Clinton was fired from the House Judiciary Committee's Watergate investigation by Chief Counsel Jerry Zeifman.

Clinton Body Count

Rumor: Bill Clinton has quietly done away with several dozen people who possessed incriminating evidence about him.

Man Accuses Ex-Girlfriend of Wu-Tang Affair

News: A 'Divorce Court' segment depicted a man who accused his former girlfriend of sleeping with the entire Wu-Tang Clan.

Restaurant Offers Free Food to Scavenger

News: A restaurant posted a sign offering a free meal to whoever searched their trash for discarded food.

Martin Lawrence Death Hoax

Rumor: Comedian Martin Lawrence was found dead in a hotel room.

Rain, Rain, Stowaway

Rumor: An Oregon man was recently jailed for collecting rainwater on his own property.

First Lady of the Lamp

Rumor: Hillary Clinton threw a lamp (or a book) at her husband in a fit of anger.

The Generous One

Glurge: Shoppers pitch in to buy food for a woman who was embarrassed over using a welfare card at a grocery store.

Russian Man Volunteers for Head Transplant

News: Italian physician Dr. Sergio Canavero wants to put an entire human head on a new human body.

Volunteer Sheriff's Deputy Charged with Manslaughter

News: A volunteer sheriff's deputy in Tulsa has been charged with manslaughter in the fatal shooting of unarmed suspect.

Pill Drill

News: A Georgia woman says her local WalMart outlet refused to fill a prescription she needed after a miscarriage.

A Head for News

Is the world's first human head transplant going to take place within the next few years, or did it already happen?

Percy Sledge Dead at 73

News: "When a Man Loves a Woman" singer Percy Sledge has died at 73.

Endangered Species Missed

Rumor: The last western black rhino has just died and the species declared extinct.

Every Other Given Sunday

Rumor: President Obama limited church to twice monthly.

Kake Kake Kake

Rumor: A KKK chapter successfully sued a black-owned bakery for refusing to make them a birthday cake.

Tired of Waiting for You

Rumor: A man who couldn't motivate police to respond to a break-in on his property reported that he had shot the burglars instead.

Big Lame Hunting

Fauxtography: Photographs purportedly show female hunters posing with the bodies of giraffes they've killed.

Walmart Closes Over 'Plumbing Problems'

News: WalMart has abruptly shuttered several locations around the U.S., citing plumbing problems as the issue.

Tijuana Transfer

Rumor: ISIS militants are on the U.S.-Mexican border ... again.

Monsanto Marijuana

Rumor: Agribusiness giant Monsanto has created the world's first genetically-modified strain of marijuana.

NFL Star Aaron Hernandez Convicted of Murder

News: Former New England Patriots star Aaron Hernandez has been found guilty of first degree murder.

Voluntary Movement

Rumor: The payment of U.S. federal income tax is voluntary.

Ticker Shock

Rumor: A photograph shows a clump tick eggs found along a path.

Timmy Gun

Rumor: Country singer Tim McGraw is playing a concert to benefit an 'anti-gun' group.

Jade Ruthvan Letter

News: Perth mom Jade Ruthven said anonymous friends left a mean letter in her mailbox about her Facebook habits.

Daesh of our Lives

Rumor: ISIS has been recruiting children in Indiana to join a group called 'Daesh.'

Baby Doom

Rumor: The New York Assembly passed a law making it expressly legal to shoot babies in the heart with poison.

Wheel of Misfortune

Rumor: That old advice for drivers to keep their hands at the 10 and 2 o'clock positions on car steering wheels is outmoded. And might even be harmful.

Seven Year Snitch

Rumor: Retired CIA operative Normand Hodges confessed on his deathbed to the murder of Marilyn Monroe.

Peanuttin' to See Here

Rumor: The 'Peanuts' comic strip was renamed 'Radishes' in some international newspapers because locals were not familiar with real peanuts.

Gaydar Detector

Rumor: An amendment to Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act requires gay residents to wear a sensor for identification.

Alice Dreger Livetweets Sex Ed Class

News: Professor Alice Dreger livetweeted an abstinence-based sex ed class in Michigan.

More Calendar Trouble

Mailbag: Did President Obama order the release of an Al Qaida terrorist from Guantanamo Bay, then offer a $5 million reward for his recapture?

It's Raining Fish

Rumor: The streets in Thailand were covered in fish after a heavy rain.

Dallas Copper Thieves

Rumor: Circulating photo set depicts a pair of copper thieves who died stealing wire in Dallas.

Daddy Data Care

Rumor: A father attempted to sell his toddler son on Craigslist to fund the purchase of a new Apple Watch.

Inhumane Society

Rumor: Hillary Clinton and Adolf Hitler issued similar statements about putting the needs of society ahead of the needs of individuals.

Firing Line

News: A Texas veterinarian was fired after posting a photo suggesting she killed a cat with a bow and arrow.

Meat Your Maker

Rumor: The Taco Bell chain is closing due to allegations that their 'beef' is really cat and dog meat.

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