Update: 30 August 2014

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New Articles

  • Facebook appeals calls for justice for a young girl injured in a playground incident.
  • Is notorious mom Casey Anthony pregnant with twins?
  • Rumor claims most of the $100 million raised from ALS 'Ice Bucket Challenge' donations won't go to ALS-related research and services.
  • Has rapper Tupac Shakur, thought to have been killed in 1996, come out of hiding?
  • Brouhaha over Zara clothiers offering children's pajamas resembling concentration camp uniforms.
  • Does a video show a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup infested with maggots?
  • Are undocumented immigrants allowed to fly on US airlines with no identification?
  • Will McDonald's Happy Meal boxes come with Ouija boards?
  • Has a nail polish been developed that can detect the presence of date rape drugs?
  • Will AMC's "Breaking Bad" be returning with new episodes?
  • Does Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Latte contain dangerous toxins?
  • Were a bevy of tax increases quietly imposed upon Americans in July 2014 due to the Affordable Care Act?
  • Has the CDC intentionally suppressed reports of vaccine-related cases of autism from reaching the public?
  • Did President Obama break precedent by declining to attend the funeral of General Harold Greene and failing to send any administration officials to the ceremony?
  • Does the use of cellular phones pose a danger of touching off explosions at gas stations?
  • Was George Zimmerman arrested while visiting Ferguson, Missouri?
  • Did the governor of Iowa charter a flight to summarily return 124 undocumented children to Honduras?
  • Contrary to social media reports, Sylvester Stallone has not been killed in a car accident in Australia.
  • Was a man in Ireland killed by the bite of a deadly redback spider?
  • Photographs show Muslims praying in the streets of New York City.
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Worth a Second Look

  • Did a bank once accept and cash a check written on the side of a cow?

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