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New Articles

  • A US Airways flight attendant reportedly refused to hang up an Army Ranger's uniform jacket.
  • Did the 'middle finger salute' derive from gestures of English archers whose fingers had been severed at the Battle of Agincourt?
  • Did CNN report that Ebola has been found in packages of hair extensions?
  • A primer on 'What is an American,' purportedly penned by an Australian dentist.
  • Is Congress 'moving to appoint Barack Obama to a third term' in 2016?
  • Another injury results from someone trying to rescue a dog from the scalding waters of a hot spring.
  • Does an automobile's dashboard gas pump icon indicate which side the vehicle's fuel door is on?
  • Has the Obama administration ordered $1 billion worth of disposable coffins for use with Ebola victims?
  • Did three healthcare workers die after an open drink was left at a nurses' station?
  • Was a supposedly deceased Chicago woman rescued after funeral goers heard screams coming up from her grave?
  • Is the outbreak of Enterovirus (EV-D68) due to an influx of immigrant children?
  • Is Costco giving out free $200 gift cards to Facebook users?
  • Is the U.S. government planning to implement mandatory Ebola vaccinations for all residents?
  • Have ISIS militants been captured by Border Patrol in the last 36 hours?
  • Was a 50-foot crab dubbed 'Crabzilla' spotted off the coast of the UK?
  • Have the Coen brothers announced plans to begin filming a Big Lebowski sequel in January 2015?
  • Did actress Meryl Streep originate a statement about no longer having patience for things that displease her?
  • North Korean leader Kim Jong-un made his first public appearance since 3 September 2014, state media reported.
  • Was a swastika ring available for purchase from the Sears Marketplace?
  • Did the Army change its dress code to allow turbans and beards?
  • Has the town of Purdon, Texas been quarantined because a family of five tested positive for Ebola?
  • Has the federal government issued a travel warning due to Ebola cases in Texas?
  • A second healthcare worker in Dallas has tested positive for Ebola.
  • Is trisodium phosphate (TSP) a dangerous ingredient lurking in kids' cereal?
  • Did the City of Houston subpoena pastors' sermons?
  • The CDC confirmed the second nurse to test positive for Ebola flew from Cleveland to Dallas before she fell ill.
  • Does the Susan G. Komen breast cancer organization only give 20% of their donations to cancer research and pay their CEO $684,000 per year?
  • Can a species of cephalopod known as the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus live on both land and water?
  • Did residents of Ghana discover Ebola is fake and only affects those who got Red Cross shots?
  • Did a spider live inside a man's scar for three days?
  • Did President Obama say Americans are too "small-minded" to handle individual rights?
  • Contrary to reports, researchers at CIDRAP have not confirmed that 'Ebola is now airborne.'
  • Social media report that Ebola has broken out in an Alaskan school.
  • 25 years ago today: Legend holds that after the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake, a car thief was found crushed to death in the vehicle he'd stolen.
  • A Columbus woman allegedly used Ebola fears to receive faster 911 response.
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