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New Articles:

Cruise Your Daddy?

Rumor: An 18-year-old girl revealed she's currently dating, and plans to marry, her biological father.

Riot Act

Rumor: George Soros donated $33 million to fund rioting Ferguson protest groups.

Going Postal

Rumor: Richard Blum, the husband of Senator Dianne Feinstein, obtained a contract to broker sales of USPS facilities due to his wife's influence.

Dzhokhar's Wild

Rumor: Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has been beaten in prison.

The Color of Sperm

Rumor: A neo-Nazi woman gave birth to a black baby after being inseminated by the wrong sperm donor.

James Gang

Rumor: A plaque honoring Martin Luther King mistakenly thanked his assassin, James Earl Ray.

American Sniping

Rumor: Filmmaker Michael Moore called American Sniper subject Chris Kyle a coward.

Deflated Footballs

News: The New England Patriots are being investigated by the NFL for providing under-inflated footballs in a championship game.

Miss Your Cake and Pay For It, Too

News: A five-year-old boy was billed a $25 'no-show fee' after missing a birthday party.

Breast Practices

Rumor: The CDC has recommended that mothers stop breastfeeding in order to increase vaccine efficacy.

End of the Line

Rumor: Green Bay tight end Brandon Bostick was shot by a disgruntled Packers fan after the NFC Championship game.

Hijack Hush-Up

Rumor: A Muslim terrorist disguised in a burqa was killed trying to hijack a plane in Ohio, and the media purposely did not report the foiled plot.

Shock Cover

Rumor: The February 2015 issue of Cosmopolitan UK features a woman suffocating on the cover.

Gun Control

Rumor: Michele Bachmann said that Martin Luther King would still be alive today if black people were allowed to own guns in the 1960s.

Red Velvet Oreos

It's really really real! Nabisco is producing Red Velvet Oreos for Valentine's Day 2015.

Chicken Chow Bane

Rumor: The FDA admitted in 2015 that 70% of chickens sold for food in the U.S. contain cancer-causing arsenic.

Bruce's Story

Rumor: In Touch magazine created a fake 'sex change' image of Bruce Jenner for their January 2015 cover photo.

Gag Order

News: Facebook has announced an algorithm change to combat the spread of fake news.

On the Content of Their Conspiracy

Rumor: The United States government was sued and found culpable for the murder of Martin Luther King, Jr., but the news media refused to report it.

Lip Moss

Rumor: Eos Lip Balm can grow black or green mold under some conditions.

Vampire Fungus

Rumor: 70 percent of Americans are afflicted with a vampire fungus and a large number of chronic illnesses are the result.

IRS Notification: Criminal Complaint

Phishing scheme: E-mailed notices that appear to be IRS notifications of criminal complaints.

A Living Fossil

News: A rare frilled shark was caught off the coast of Australia.

Can't Swap the Signal

Rumor: A leaked Pentagon video reveals a government plot to vaccinate people against thoughts, ideas, and religion.

Religion Apiece

Rumor: Photographs show sign-bearing Muslim protesters at a "Religion of Peace' demonstration in London.


Rumor: The term '86' (to get rid of someone or something) entered the English language as part of a restaurant code.


News: NBC has launched a new digital platform called NBC BLK to cover stories about black culture.

Make Michael's Day

Rumor: Clint Eastwood threatened to kill Michael Moore at an awards ceremony in 2005.

King Tut's Beard Cut

News: An inappropriate epoxy glue was used to fix King Tut's burial mask beard after it cracked, irreversibly damaging it.

Bait of the Union

Rumor: After the 2015 State of the Union address, Obama family guest Rebekah Erler was revealed to be a Democratic operative.

Bread Bagged

Rumor: Iowa Republican Joni Ernst received $460,000 in welfare money.

Leap of Faith

Rumor: Images show a photographer making a dangerous leap from rock to rock in the Grand Canyon.

Wings With a Side of Health Care

Rumor: The Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant chain has added a new surcharge to help cover the cost of the Obamacare.


Rumor: NASA purposefully cut its live video feed from the International Space Station in order to conceal evidence of UFOs.

Foot Note

Rumor: Application of Vicks VapoRub to the soles of the feet effectively counters nighttime cough.

Welcome Home, Daddy!

Rumor: Photograph shows a pregnant woman waiting to welcome home a military husband who couldn't have fathered the child she's carrying.

Sewing Discontent

Rumor: Image reproduces women's housekeeping and grooming instructions from a 1949 Singer sewing manual.

Marco Faux-Lo

Rumor: Marco Polo wrote about "moderate" and "militant" Muslims during his travels in the 13th century.

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