Update: 27 September 2014

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New Articles

  • List purportedly documents 'racist quotes' from radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh.
  • An Oklahoma woman as beheaded at her workplace.
  • Has President Obama ordered the military to enlist "illegal immigrants"?
  • X-rays purportedly document a man in China whose body became riddled with tapeworms due to his eating sashimi.
  • Has the FBI confirmed that there were no murders in Newtown, Connecticut in 2012?
  • Has Facebook cracked down on couponing groups?
  • Will people taking pictures in nature be subject to fines thanks to the U.S. Forest Service?
  • Have two Ebola victims risen from the dead?
  • Was a giant shark similar to Megalodon captured this week?
  • Does Florida woman Jasmine Tridevil have three breasts?
  • Was Jasmine Tridevil found dead in her home?
  • Image circulates of officer in Ferguson wearing "I am Darren Wilson" wristband.
  • A man was stabbed with a syringe by an unknown assailant and told "welcome to the HIV club."
  • The new iPhone 6 may bend if carried in a pocket.
  • Did a Texas 'cannibal pedophile' death row inmate request a child as his last meal?
  • Images show President Obama disembarking from Marine One with a cell phone or coffee cup in his hand.
  • "Angry feminist" bakes inappropriate cookies for young students, gets angry when the treats are rebuffed.
  • Two policemen delivered a pizza after the delivery driver was involved in an accident.
  • Letter to the editors urges atheists to get out of America.
  • Did Starbucks quietly add a beer latte to their menu?
  • Has a Christian mom rewritten the Harry Potter novels to exclude witchcraft?
  • Anchor Charlo Green quits during live news broadcast.
  • An online magic trick reads the minds of those who try it and determines which symbol they chose.
  • Are new iPhone 6s contaminated with the deadly Ebola virus?
  • Did Obamacare death panels kill an elderly woman named Dorothy Zbornak?
  • Is Facebook planning to institute a monthly charge for users?
  • Are 'love bugs' the result of a genetic experiment gone wrong at the University of Florida?
  • Is Texas about to legalize marijuana for medicinal and recreational use?
  • Does Chase Bank no longer allow cash deposits to be made by non-account holders?
  • Photograph purportedly shows a 'happy face spider.' Is there really such an arachnid?
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Worth a Second Look

  • Was a mayoral election in Ecuador won by a foot powder?

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