Update: 28 February 2015

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New Articles

  • News: President Obama announced a new initiative aimed at getting American kids to visit National Parks for free.
  • Rumor: Porn star Sasha Grey was killed by Ukrainian military forces.
  • Rumor: President Obama has signed a new law lowering the minimum drinking age to 18.
  • Rumor: Musician Macklemore tweeted that he has joined ISIS.
  • Rumor: Kanye West said he was proud of not reading books.
  • Rumor: The state of Oregon has legalized the street drug known as Molly.
  • Rumor: A Catholic priest said he met God and found God is a woman.
  • Rumor: Willie Nelson was the victim of a death hoax.
  • Rumor: Michigan Department of Natural Resources has issued a warning about polar bears.
  • Rumor: A photograph from the 1940s shows a time-traveling hipster.
  • Rumor: An 1875 report by the Horseless Carriage Committee warned about the dangers of gasoline-fueled vehicles.
  • Rumor: Video shows a helpless pedestrian being run over and beaten in Detroit.
  • Rumor: Purina's Beneful brand dog food is causing dogs to become ill and die.
  • Rumor: Jamie Dornan has dropped out of the Fifty Shades of Grey sequels.
  • Rumor: President Obama and Hillary Clinton were criminally charged by Egyptian courts with aiding and abetting terrorists.
  • Rumor: James Earl Jones said that citizens need to carry guns because the world is a dangerous place.
  • News: The Urban Institute announced that hackers had stolen passwords and usernames from thousands of charitable organizations.
  • Rumor: Substituting Diet Coke for Coca-Cola in a popular ham recipe can cause an explosion.
  • Rumor: Photograph shows a 280-pound catfish caught by an Italian fisherman.
  • Rumor: Oranges from Libya have been injected with HIV-positive blood and pose a danger of infection.
  • Rumor: Criminals are marking homes with colored stickers or other symbols in order to steal dogs for use in dogfighting events.
  • News: Two hole punch cloud were spotted over British Columbia.
  • Rumor: Singer Beyoncé Knowles was killed in a car crash.
  • Rumor: A firefighter shot and killed two dog for roaming onto his property, then bragged about it on Facebook.
  • Rep. Joe Barton said "wind is a finite resource and harnessing it would slow the winds down, which would cause the temperature to go up."
  • Rumor: An angry mother delivered a scathing response to school officials after her daughter was punished for punching her classmate after he snapped her bra.
  • Rumor: Singer Mark McGrath was shot and killed by a masked gunman on the set of Hot Package.
  • Rumor: The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms planned to ban "green tip" ammunition due to executive action by President Obama.
  • Rumor: A Russian actor was drugged and his testicles were stolen by an attractive stranger.
  • Rumor: A Swedish man once received benefits for his addiction to heavy metal music.
  • Rumor: A soldier wrote on a restaurant receipt that his military service exempted him from tipping.
  • News: A mystery dress appears white and gold to some viewers, but blue and black to others.
  • Rumor: Circulating photo set accurately compares school lunches from other countries with American offerings that are paltry due to the interference of Michelle Obama.
  • Rumor: American Sniper star Bradley Cooper got engaged to Taya Kyle.
  • Rumor: A nuclear warhead was discovered off the coast of Georgia.
  • Rumor: Mothers with tattoos risk passing "Fetal Ink Syndrome" to babies.
  • News: Actor Leonard Nimoy has passed away at the age of 83.
  • Rumor: New York City pedestrians ignored a freezing homeless child for two hours.
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Worth a Second Look

  • Was nylon named for conflation of 'New York' and 'London'?

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