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New Articles:

Last Call

A woman claims the cabin crew on a Southwest flight refused to let her make an emergency call after she received a text message from her suicidal husband.

Badgering State

Rumor: Wisconsin has passed a bill banning poor people from purchasing shellfish, potatoes, and ketchup.

Nigerian Spam

Rumor: A hotel restaurant in Nigeria was found to be selling human meat.

Black Fawn

Yes, the black fawn seen in these photos really is an unusual genetic variant of white-tailed deer.

Poor Relations

Rumor: Rep. Trent Franks said Pope Francis does not understand scripture, which he claimed does not obligate Christians to help the poor.

Broken Link

Rumor: Scientists have recently documented a conclusive link between autism and agricultural pesticides.

Sideways Glance

News: One World Labs founder Chris Roberts told F.B.I. agents was able to take control of an airlinerís engines mid-flight by hacking into its inflight entertainment system.

Visit the New Facebook

Rumor: A hacker is stealing personal info by spreading messages with links to 'Visit the New Facebook.'

False Pardon

Rumor: President Obama has pardoned Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

5 Fake News Sites to Avoid Sharing (#2)

The second entry in our guide to identifying the most frequent (and unapologetic) fake news purveyors cluttering up newsfeeds everywhere.

Missing Child: Kyron Horman

Kyron Horman has been missing from his Portland, Oregon, home since June 2010, but his family is continuing the search for him.

Amazingly Beautiful Blood Clot

Rumor: Photograph shows a huge blood clot removed from a patient's lung.

Missing Scientist

Rumor: A scientist missing for over 20 years was found living in a basement lab in Minnesota.

Cthulhu Rising

Rumor: Photograph snapped during a tornado shows a Cthulhu-like tentacled figure in the sky.

Furry Trout

Rumor: Photograph shows a fisherman holding a furry trout.

Man Found Under Hotel Mattress Dies

New York police are investigating the death of a man found unconscious with a head injury under a mattress at a hotel near the Empire State Building.

Bike Race

Fauxtography: Photograph purportedly shows a car plowing into a group of cyclists.

Dogs and Ice Water

Rumor: Giving your dog ice or ice water on a hot day likely to cause it to die from bloating and spasms.

S'mores Oreos

No hoax: Nabisco is releasing S'mores Oreos for a limited time.

Trial and Error

Despite what you may have read, ACLU founder Roger Nash Baldwin didn't defend us at trial.

World's Largest Swimming Pool

The world's largest swimming pool is a man-made, 19-acre, 3,324-foot long salt water lagoon at the San Alfonso del Mar resort in Algarrobo, Chile.

Softly Falls the Crane

A sequence of images captures a toppled crane falling through the first floor of a building under construction.

Milagros Cerron Facebook Appeal

Rumor: Facebook and CNN are contributing money towards the medical treatment of a girl born with fused legs every time a message is shared.

Cheating at the Gas Pump

Various ways in which consumers might not be receiving fair value for their money at the gas pump, and what you can do about them.


Rumor: Photographs show automobiles tightly packed in a compact German public parking garage.

Flying Solo

Rumor: The lines on red Solo party cups are designed for measuring servings of various kinds of alcohol.

Bermuda Lie-Angle

Rumor: The SS Cotopaxi has been discovered by the Cuban Coast Guard, 90 years after it vanished in the Bermuda Triangle.


Rumor: A gun-toting granny blew the testicles off the two men who raped her granddaughter.

Drink Irresponsibly

Rumor: A 1972 sign warned Irish motorists not to drive after having five pints of beer.

Off-White House

Entering racist terms into Google Maps can point users to the White House, among other locations.

Penile Fracture

[Warning: Contains anatomically correct image]: X-ray purportedly documents a case of fracture of the male appendage.

Cheerleader Sniper

"Motivational poster" shows a former cheerleader turned Air Force sniper.

Taste the Cocainebow

Rumor: The FDA has discovered that Skittles candies are being laced with cocaine.

Cross Purposes

Rumor: Muslim students were offended by the display of crosses at Catholic University.

Pink Horns

Rumor: Photograph shows a rhino that was given a pink horn to prevent poaching.

Mean Moms

That Mean Moms movie isn't coming out any time soon, and the poster for it circulated online is a fake.

Blue Light Waffle

Rumor: The installation of blue streetlights in Japan and Scotland caused a reduction in crime and suicide rates.

Josh Duggar Sex Abuse Scandal

Allegations have surfaced claiming that '19 Kids and Counting' son Josh Duggar was implicated in one or more instances of sexual misconduct.

Funds with Benefits

Rumor: A receipt from a Detroit liquor store shows that a customer had a food stamp EBT balance in excess of $15,000.

Bob Marley Corn Must Die

Rumor: The body of a homeless man found behind a Jamaica fast food restaurant has been identified as that of Bob Marley.

Not One Drop Bear Cub

Rumor: Photograph shows a drop bear cub being fed human blood.

Lowes Coupon Scam

Rumor: Lowes is giving away $100 coupons to Facebook users.

Lake Jeery

Rumor: Six college students were arrested after they released piranhas into the Great Lakes.

Party Pooper

News: A family claims their daughter's Sweet 16 party was interrupted by a mysterious shower of filth from the sky.

$20,000 Champagne Bath

Rumor: Singer Beyonce dumped $20,000 worth of premium champagne into a bathtub for her "Feeling Myself" music video.

Fly Bye

Rumor: Hanging plastic bags filled with water around the house will repel flies.

N-Word Receipt

Rumor: A customer at Hick Finn's Restaurant in New Orleans received a tab for her meal that included a racial slur.

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