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New Articles

  • Upcoming parole hearing for one of the perpetrators of the Newsom/Christian murders sparks renewed interest in the case.
  • Were remains of a Viking ship found on the banks of the MIssissippi River near Memphis?
  • Unanswerables: A collection of unusual and urgent questions posed by our readers.
  • Message from Starbucks Chairman Howard Schultz extols the company's contributions to Israel.
  • Is Ralph Lauren clothiers offering 'ni**er brown' shirts for sale?
  • Report that Facebook will begin monitoring posts for indications of drug activity.
  • Did President Obama refuse to participate in the ALS Association's 'Ice Bucket Challenge'?
  • Web-based rumors of a suspected "serial killer enthusiast" in Citrus County, Florida, are running rampant.
  • Did comedian Adam Sandler accurately predict several major tragedies via cryptic, one-line remarks in his movies and TV appearances?
  • As the 'ice bucket challenge' spreads across the social web, rumors of adverse reactions are going viral, too.
  • Rumors claim that hacktivist collective Anonymous has called for nationwide 'Day of Rage' protests.
  • Is drought-stricken California really fining ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ participants for wasting water?
  • The improbable tale of a circus dwarf who bounced sideways off a trampoline and was swallowed by a hippopotamus.
  • Photograph shows a sign bearing an ominous threat from the "Advancement of Islamic Agenda for America."
  • Is your college on Playboy magazine's annual ranking of America's top party schools?
  • Untold Stories of the E.R. segment echoes century-old urban legend about women dropping weight by taking tapeworm egg diet pills.
  • Did a group of teenagers re-enacting the plot of the film The Purge 2 in Chicago murder over 112 people?
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