Update: 13 September 2014

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New Articles

  • Were maternal figures typically absent in Walt Disney's animated films because he felt responsible for his own mother's death?
  • Photograph purportedly shows an ISIS terrorist arrested in Houston.
  • Are Home Depot employees being forced to undergo 'Muslim Sensitivity Training' by demand of CAIR?
  • The ten most widely circulated rumors and conspiracy theories associated with the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
  • Will President Obama be leaving office a year early due to revelations over Benghazi?
  • Has the production of Coors Light beer been halted due to the brew's being contaminated with cocaine?
  • Disturbing image warning: Photographs show a woman whose brain became infested with parasites after eating pork.
  • Article warns about the dangers of brominated vegetable oil (BVO) in Mountain Dew soda.
  • Is record-shattering snowfall forecast to cover most of the United States this winter?
  • Has the identity of notorious murderer 'Jack the Ripper' finally been established?
  • Photographs show a venomous caterpillar known as an asp.
  • Iraqi woman in a U.S. grocery store is told off by another patron after disdaining America's bombing of her country.
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Worth a Second Look

  • Jilted woman spreads grass seed in her former boyfriend's apartment.

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