How to submit topics for inclusion on

The lifeblood of our work here at is knowing what topics and bits of Internet-circulated information our readers are interested in. Although we employ various methods for tracking the "hot topics" of the moment, nothing's better than hearing about them directly from our readers (especially since it's often difficult to determine in isolation which aspects of particular items people are curious about).

Unfortunately, too often readers come to our site to search for some new subject of interest and, not finding it here, simply give up and go away, leaving us in the dark as to what they might have been looking for. So, we encourage everyone who uses our site to take a few moments to help us improve it for you (and everyone else) by letting us know when you can't find an entry here for an item you want to know about.

There are several ways you can inform us about potential topics for inclusion on, as listed below:

  • Send them to us via the "Submit a Rumor" link that appears in the header of every page on our site.
  • Post them on our site's Message Board (requires registration).
  • Post them to our site's Facebook Group.
  • Send them to us via the "Submit a Rumor" Message button our site's Facebook Page.

Our site's Search page is the best method for locating our entry on your topic of interest, but if you don't find what you're looking for, please spend a bit of time to tell us — we can't write about it if we don't know about it!

(As has always been the case, we do not spam, reuse, disclose, or sell e-mail addresses included with reader submissions.)