Scams that circulate via the Internet.

Too much of what ends up in our inboxes these days are scams: dishonest attempts to separate us from our money.

Yellow bullet Several on-line airline ticket sites are scams used to harvest credit card numbers.

Multi-colored bullet Personal information that might be used in identity theft schemes against you can be obtained from the web site

Red bullet Best Buy needs you to submit your credit card information to confirm a possibly fraudulent transaction.

Green bullet Scammers con victims into forwarding their phones to other numbers.

Yellow bullet Retail cashiers commonly steal from customers by tricking them into requesting cash back and then pocketing their money.

Yellow bullet People posing as census workers are attempting to elicit personal information over the telephone.

Red bullet 15-year-old boy makes $71,000 with chain letter scheme.

Red bullet Citibank is sending out checking account suspension notices and asking customers to verify their acceptance of new terms and conditions.
Red bullet Citibank is sending out messages asking customers to verify their e-mail addresses.
Red bullet Citibank is sending out notices asking customers to log in and verify their accounts.

Red bullet Office workers are being conned into revealing their home addresses and postcodes, leading to them being burgled during the day.

Red bullet Your credit card has been used to place an order with*

Red bullet Your credit card has been charged $234.65 for "laundry service."

Red bullet Earthlink is sending out suspension notices via e-mail and asking subscribers to verify their credit card information.

Red bullet Auction site eBay is sending out suspension notices via e-mail and asking subscribers to verify their account information.*

Green bullet Scam traps the unwary into giving up their AOL information by e-mails telling them they're being charged for roses ordered through 1-800-Flowers.

Green bullet Completion of fake IRS forms arms swindlers with the information necessary to bilk the unsuspecting.

Green bullet E-mail from lawyer gives good advice about preventive steps to protect against credit theft.

Multi-colored bullet The Michigan Department of Treasury has issued an alert about fraudulent e-mail notifications of Internal Revenue Service "e-audits."

Green bullet TV news investigation shows Jiffy Lube outlets charging customers for automative maintenance work that was never done.

Multi-colored bullet Scammers can dupe business phone customers into making long-distance calls for them by posing as phone company employees and requesting the called parties to press the 9,0, and # keys.*

Multi-colored bullet In Britain, mobile phone owners are being tricked into calling a number that charges them £50 a minute.

Red bullet Paypal needs you to verify your bank account and credit card number.

Red bullet Scammers are racking up hundreds of dollars per phone call by borrowing homeowners' phones and placing five-minute calls to expensive premium rate services.

Red bullet You can make up to $75 per hour processing refunds for FedEx and UPS.

Red bullet Make money by learning the secrets of the World Currency Cartel.

Red bullet A company called Send Money Now has charged $373.56 to your debit card.

Yellow bullet A Russian boy named Sergei needs adoptive parents.

Red bullet Gas stations are routinely imposing an extra $10 on credit card customers.

Yellow bullet Phony e-mails purportedly from VISA's "Department of International Investigations" are luring gullible victims into divulging their credit card information to scammers.

Red bullet Amazon notification of canceled book order.

Red bullet Raspberry Ultra Drops have been vetted by Fox News and endorsed by Dr. Oz.

Red bullet Video shows the deleterious results of using Head & Shoulders shampoo.

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