August 2015

Urban Legends Reference Pages: Scam Report: ()   Hawaiian Airlines Issues Alert on Ticket Scam   (Pacific Business News)
  • Hawaiian Airlines warned consumers about a bonus package of round-trip mainland tickets offered at discounted prices.

  •   Man Pleads Guilty to Internet Wife Scam   (Associated Press)
  • A San Bernardino County man has pleaded guilty to using the Internet to fool more than 250 men into paying money for Russian wives and girlfriends who didn't exist.

  •   Callous 'Cancer' Scam Dad   (The Sun)
  • A father tricked football clubs into donating signed memorabilia to raise cash for a fictitious son dying of cancer.

  •   New Scam Warning   (KAMR-TV, Amarillo)
  • Eat Rite has been in Amarillo since 1950, clearly doing business the right way, but recently someone tried to scam them while attempting to place a $5000 order.

  •   Post Offices Warn of Chain Letter Scam   (KCBD-TV, Lubbock)
  • If you haven't received a chain letter in your mailbox, chances are, you will, but the United States Postal Service says chain letters are not only a scam, joining the chain is a federal crime.

  •   Police Warn of Social Security Scam   (WBAY-TV, Green Bay)
  • The elderly are the target of a scam to get access to their bank accounts under the guise of Social Security.

  •   FDIC Warns of Scam Targeting Consumers' Bank Accounts   (Computerworld)
  • Consumers and financial institutions are being warned of a new e-mail scam that purports to be from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. and that advises consumers to click on an attached file for more information about alleged fraudulent activity regarding their bank accounts.

  •   Alabama Mother, Daughter Arrested in 4-State Adoption Scam   (Associated Press)
  • An adoption scam bilked couples in North Carolina and three other states out of more than $60,000 and ended in the arrest of an Alabama mother and daughter.

  •   Police Warn of Scam Artists   (WSOC-TV, Charlotte)
  • Police are looking for two women after a woman shopping in a Borders bookstore said she was the victim of a scam. The victim told police the women approached her saying they found a purse with $60,000 in it.

  •   Credit Card Mailing Is Scam in Disguise   (TheBostonChannel)
  • The latest identity theft scam is particularly alarming because at first glance it looks like official information from your credit card company, and says your card is going to cost more money if you don't act immediately.

  •   Consumer Alert: Beware of Alleged Internet Drug Scam   (Internet Broadcasting Systems)
  • Imagine looking at your checking account statement and finding a charge for $139 you didn't make. It's happening to people all over the country and authorities say a Canadian company is behind it.

  •   Family's Common Sense Saved Them from Scam   (South Bend Tribune)
  • Con artists have apparently called different members of the Williams family at least 70 times trying to get into their bank accounts.

  •   Police Warn Elderly of Robbery Scam   (Newsday)
  • Citing three incidents in the past month, Nassau police are cautioning the elderly to be aware of con artists posing as utility workers to gain entry into their homes and then rob them.

  •   Scam Role Puts Man in Prison   (The Honolulu Advertiser)
  • A 67-year-old Honolulu man has been sentenced to two years in federal prison for his role in an Internet bank fraud scheme that has been associated with Nigerian con artists.

  •   Phony-Police Scam Nets Its 4th Victim   (The [Fort Wayne] Journal Gazette)
  • A Fort Wayne woman was swindled out of more than $2,000 by two women impersonating police officers.