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Subway Free Cash Cards

Claim:   The Subway chain of sandwich shops is offering free gift cards to those who participate in a market research program.


Example:   [Collected via e-mail, June 2010 ]

There is a link going around facebook today, where you can get a free subway gift card by liking and sharing a certain link for an unnamed 3rd party research firm.



Origins:   From the folks who brought you the phony Facebook sites advertising free Olive Garden gift cards comes this latest offering, a site (subwaysfootlongdeal.com) touting free gift cards for the Subway chain of sandwich shops to everyone who participates in a "market research" program:

Like the earlier Olive Garden pranks, this purported Subway offer is nothing more than a web-based version of a long-running Internet e-mail hoax.

In early July 2010, the subwaysfootlongdeal.com domain began redirecting visitors to starbuckspromotion.com, a similar site offering yet another phony "free gift card" promotion with the Starbucks coffee chain as its target.

Last updated:   5 July 2010

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