Kade Shipkowski

Is 17-year-old Kade Shipkowski missing?

Claim:   A 17-year-old boy named Kade Shipkowski is missing from the Lyndora, Pennsylvania, area.


Example:   [Collected via e-mail, February 2013]

This is a picture of Kade Shipkowski, who has been missing from the Lyndora, Pennsylvania area (near Pittsburgh) since Friday. No family members have seen or heard from Kade since Friday, and although there is police involvement in the search, it has not been successful. I am asking you to copy and paste or share or whatever you have to do to get this post out, particularly if you have friends or contacts in the Pittsburgh or Butler County area. Today is Kade's 17th birthday. If you think you know where Kade is, or if you have seen Kade, contact his father, Ryan Shipkowski at 412-260-7739. He is offering a cash reward for information of Kade's whereabouts. Please help and spread this post across Pennsylvania. Thanks for your help


Origins:   This appeal to help find a 17-year-old boy named Kade Shipkowski who went missing in the Lyndora, Pennsylvania, area began circulating in late February 2013, with some accounts indicating that Kade had disappeared from his father's home while on leave from a juvenile detention facility. Butler Township Police reported that Kade was found on 26 February 2013, and on 1 March 2013 Kade's father told us the same thing.

Last updated:   18 July 2013

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