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Kaydance Bearden

Claim:   A 2-year-old girl named Kaydance Bearden was kidnapped from her Arkansas home.


Example:   [Collected via Facebook, September 2013]


Her name is Kaydance Bearden. She is my baby cousin and is only 2 years old! She was kidnapped sometime yesterday in the Saline/Pulaski county area and we need help finding her. PLEASE!!! She has blonde hair, blue eyes and weighs about 25 pounds. It is quite possible that the lady who took her is heading to Florida. Please, please, please share and spread the word. Help us find our little girl and bring her home safely!!!


Origins:   This item claiming that a 2-year-old girl named Kaydance Bearden was kidnapped was posted by a Facebook user on 1 September 2013, with no details other than the girl's name and the mention of a general geographic area (Arkansas' Saline and Pulaski counties). We found no information about a girl named Kaydance Bearden other than postings of this same message — no police reports, FBI bulletins, Amber Alerts, news articles, or any other expected references to a kidnapped child with that name — but on the following day the same Facebook user reported that Kaydance had been found.

Last updated:   4 September 2013

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