Inboxer Rebellion

A compendium of scams, pranks, hoaxes, missing children, urban legends, and other unusual items.

Every day we're bombarded with e-mail of dubious origin and even more dubious veracity: messages that plead with us to find a missing kid or help a sick child, sign a petition to right some terrible injustice, take a stand on an important piece of pending legislation, forward a message to claim free merchandise, or take heed of the latest computer virus. The messages that aren't outright hoaxes are often full of misinformation, and even the ones that have some truth to them are usually out-of-date by the time we receive them.

This is the place where the inboxer rebellion begins! The categories below should help you locate and identify whether that piece of e-mail you've received is a hoax, the truth, or something in between.
Boycotts Boycotts
Walk on buy.
Missing Persons Missing Persons
Lost people.
Charity Charity
Philanthropic appeals.
Moral Outrage Moral Outrage
Soapboxing most vitriolic.
Class Action Settlements Class Action Settlements
Getting your own back.
Prayer Requests Prayer Requests
Supplications for sufferers sought.
Hoaxes Hoaxes
Enticing leg pulls.
Pending Legislation Pending Legislation
What's in the works, and what's not.
Household Tips Household Tips
Helpful hints from Heloise.
Petitions Petitions
Cyber petitions.
In the News In the News
Odd "news" stories.
Scams Scams
Attempts to defraud.
Joe Jobs Joe Jobs
Reputations damaged by deception.
School Projects School Projects
Help a kid get an A.
Medical Appeals Medical Appeals
Save a sick person.
Something for Nothing Something for Nothing
There's no rarely free lunch.
Missing and Sick Adults Missing and Sick Adults
Adults in trouble.
Trivia Trivia
Stuff you don't need to know.
Missing and Sick Children Missing and Sick Children
Kids in trouble.
Recall Notices Recall Notices
Products recalled due to safety issues.

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