Loony Letters

Mischievous pieces of correspondence.

The loony letter is a true art form. Well-worded missives with just the right touch of sarcastic humor can deflate the pompous and get the point across in ways that a standard business letter never could. Sometimes it's the nature of the exchange itself which tickles our fancy.

Some of these letters were actually sent by real people, some were composed as works of fiction, and some we honestly don't know about. You'll have fun with all of them anyway.

Red bullet A child's Christmas letter to a sailor misinterprets the sounds of his mother's sexual satisfaction as prayer.

White bullet A lawyer is asked to demonstrate a property title in Louisiana was held before 1803.

Red bullet An urbane response from the Smithsonian to an earnest amateur paleontologist. Prehistoric doll heads get no respect.

Green bullet The state of Michigan threatened local beavers with a $10,000 per day fine for failing to remove their dam.

Red bullet Correspondence between a traveler and the maids at his hotel over an ever-expanding pile of hotel soaps.

White bullet Man attempting building repairs is repeatedly struck by a barrel of bricks.

White bullet A gift of gloves get switched for a pair of panties.

Red bullet Job seeker sends sarcastic employment application to McDonald's and is hired.

White bullet Don't like your husband? This chain letter offers a way to trade up to something better.

Red bullet Humorous questionnaire is posted on McDonnell-Douglas web site.

Yellow bullet Diver gets a jellyfish in his wetsuit.

Red bullet Employee at Zantex Computers pens scathing resignation letter.

White bullet Farm kid's letter home describes life as a Marine.

White bullet Old lady who receives the gift of a radio from schoolkids pens an interesting 'thank you' letter.

Red bullet Discount store threatens to bar a family due to the husband's pranking.

Yellow bullet Teacher's letter home upbraids student for correcting him in class.

Multi-status bullet Newspaper reader writes letter to the editor suggesting that 2007's early start to Daylight Saving Time exacerbated global warming.

White bullet Advice columnist responds to the wrong aspect of reader's letter.

Green bullet A compendium of hilarious letters to Dear Abby.

Multi-status bullet Letter to a Procter & Gamble executive complains about company's feminine pad packaging.

Red bullet Letter from actor Sean Connery rejects offer to become pitchman for Apple Computers.

Green bullet Letter advocates moving a "Deer Crossing" sign to a road with less traffic.

Red bullet Letter from Royal Mail's customer services department asks a local resident to stop pranking postal employees.

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