Urban legend-related jokes and other humorous tidbits.

The urban legend and the joke are often separated by a fine line. The very same tale can be either one, with the only distinction being whether it is related as a true story or an obvious bit of fictional humor. We present here for your enjoyment legends with a humorous bent that also circulate widely as jokes, and other assorted bits of amusing netlore.
Adventures in Mistranslation Adventures in Mistranslation
English delightfully mangled.
Laughable Lists Laughable Lists
Humorous lists of 'actual' sayings.
Business Babble Business Babble
Unintentional business humor.
Loony Letters Loony Letters
Letters you wish you could send.
Human Follies Human Follies
People doing foolhardy things.
Media Goofs Media Goofs
The media fools itself.
Important If True Important If True
Veracity waits for no man.
Newspaper Nonsense Newspaper Nonsense
Just because it's in the paper doesn't mean it's true.
Jes' Plain Jokes Jes' Plain Jokes
Jokes told as "This is true! tales.
Qwazy Questions Qwazy Questions
Asked and sometimes answered.

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