Human Follies

Tales (some even true!) of people doing silly things.

Humans do foolhardy things — need we say more? Tales that titillate, horrify, and tickle the funny bone . . . sometimes all three at once.

Red bullet Fellow intent upon killing a raccoon launches himself out of a drainage pipe.

Red bullet Man dies in his sleep, killed by his own farts.

Red bullet Golfer who sticks his scrotum into a ball washer is horribly injured.

White bullet Chainsaw-wielding "madman" turns out to be partygoer who went to the wrong house.

Green bullet Insect-infested house is destroyed when too many "bug bombs" set by owner are ignited.

Yellow bullet Fellow who uses a taser on himself describes experience.

White bullet Homeowner wrecks house and expensive new car in an attempt to kill moles.

Green bullet Attempt to rid home of bedbugs results in fire that razes apartment building.

White bullet Diary of a snow shoveler.

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