Traffic Tragedies

Urban legends about traffic accidents.

Perhaps the most frightening aspect of contemplating our own mortality is in its randomness. It's one thing to pass away after a long lifetime of accomplishments; it's quite another to have all our hopes and dreams and expectations suddenly shattered by a tragic accident. Nearly all of us drive or travel in automobiles several times a day; no type of accident is more ubiquitous to us than traffic accidents.

White bullet Motorcyclist mistakes two oncoming lights for motorcycles and attempts to drive between them.

White bullet Family who mistakes emergency exit ramp for a rest stop is run over by runaway truck.

White bullet Drunk driver finds body of young girl embedded in the grill of his car.*

White bullet Volkswagen Beetle is found crushed between two trucks.*

Green bullet Decades-old automobile wreck is discovered alongside road.*

Green bullet Siblings are coincidentally killed in related automobile accidents.

Red bullet Teen dies in car crash with a plastic Jesus dashboard ornament embedded in her chest.*

White bullet Motorcyclist on bike that has lost its brakes gives helmet to girlfriend, saving her life at the cost of his own.

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