'Grave' Robbery

Urban legends about thieves who rob and mutilate their victims.

There is a class of thief who fills the niche between the common burglar or armed robber and the criminal who cold-bloodedly kills his victims before stripping them of their valuables: the mutilator. He may spare his victims' lives, but he's not averse to chopping off one or two of their body parts to acquire his loot. And sometimes body parts are the loot he seeks.

Red bullet Bands of organ thieves drug unsuspecting travelers and steal their kidneys.

Red bullet A Texas college student loses both his kidneys to organ thieves.

Red bullet Thieves lie in wait under cars to slash their victims' ankles.

White bullet A trap laid by carjackers ends up doing the bad guys in.

Red bullet Robbers in shopping mall parking lots are using ether-filled perfume bottles to render their victims unconscious.*

Yellow bullet Woman traveling on business almost becomes a crime statistic because she filled out a room service menu.

Red bullet Women who wear purses strapped across their bodies running the risk of being beheaded by purse snatchers.

Yellow bullet A graphic image set illustrates the gruesome fates of two copper thieves in Dallas.

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