Murdering Madmen

Urban legends about murders and murderers.

If we're to believe Hollywood slasher films, murdering madmen abound. Whether they're crazed escapees from the local lunatic asylum or hoodlums driving around looking for trouble, the woods are full of them. They kill, but they kill randomly, choosing their victims by whim.

Red bullet Rape victims are lured from malls with the promise of appearing in pizza commercials.

Red bullet Films are made for entertainment purposes in which participants are murdered on camera.

White bullet Male rescuer warns woman of dangerous man hiding in the back seat of her car.

White bullet Old lady begging a ride turns out to be a crazed killer in disguise.

Red bullet AIDS-infected blood is being injected into unsuspecting moviegoers.

Red bullet Gang members drive without headlights on, then kill anyone who flashes them.

Red bullet Famous psychic predicts Halloween murders on college campus.

White bullet Student opens door to dormitory room and discovers the body of her roommate.

White bullet Student discovers the body of her roommate and the words 'Aren't you glad you didn't turn on the light?'

White bullet Babysitter receives threatening phone calls from upstairs extension.

White bullet Lover's Lane session ends with discovery of a bloody hook hanging from car door handle.

White bullet Girl who spends the night in stranded car discovers lifeless body of boyfriend hanging over it.

Red bullet A stranger deliberately trips girls in movie theaters to send them hurtling over balconies.

White bullet Woman is asked to deliver letter by suspicious-looking blind man.

Red bullet Women who leave cars to be serviced risk rape from mechanics who copy their house keys with a view to breaking in later.

White bullet AIDS victim deliberately infects sexual partners.

Multi-colored bullet A murderer using the name of "slavemaster" is luring women to their deaths over the Internet.

Green bullet Woman fabricates tale about being stopped by a fake policeman.

White bullet Clown statue that spooks babysitter turns out to be a man hiding in the house.

Red bullet One of the boys who murdered his classmates at Columbine High School prepared by designing new computer game levels that resembled his school and peopling them with representations of his classmates.

Red bullet Children's Webkinz are being murdered online.

White bullet Wet footprints behind the sofa prove that a teen babysitter barely escaped from a knife-wielding intruder.

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