Insect Infestations

Urban legends about insect infestations.

Though entomologists might think they're cute, bugs are creepy to the rest of us. They're multi-legged, horrid-looking monsters, numerous beyond count, and they're out to get us. Most chilling of all is their single-minded dedication to the task at hand. Intent upon invasion, they will keep coming. Though hundreds of their numbers may fall during the assault, thousands — nay, millions — of their dedicated comrades will continue the onslaught until one side or the other wins. There is no negotiation in this war, no chance to take things only so far and no farther.

Vile, unthinking, and unfeeling monsters that they are, far too many insects are also venomous and/or nearly impossible to kill. It's one against the many, intelligence against sheer numbers; and we greatly fear that we will ultimately be the losers.

Red bullet The cause of swelling in a girl's jaw was determined to be cockroach eggs she ingested from eating a Taco Bell taco or licking envelopes.

Red bullet Swelling on a girl's cheek disgorges hundreds of baby spiders.

Red bullet Cactus explodes and spews baby tarantulas everywhere.

Red bullet Bubble Yum contains spider eggs.*

Red bullet Bug enters person's ear and eats its way through his brain.

Red bullet Woman dies from bites of spiders nesting in her hair.*

Red bullet Girl's salivary glands become infected from roach eggs ingested with a taco.*

Red bullet The two-striped telamonia spider lurks beneath toilet seats in public restrooms.

White bullet Bride's inflamed eye is caused by body louse from a male stripper.*

Red bullet Love bugs are the result of a genetic experiment gone wrong.*

Green bullet The larva of a human botfly was removed from a child's eye.   (Disturbing image warning)

Yellow bullet An Indian boy experienced a rare condition in which beetles bred in his body and emerged from his groin as full-grown flies.

Yellow bullet Texas dog has unfortunate encounter with a walkingstick from Belize.

Green bullet Venomous black and white caterpillars.

Red bullet Family dies after drinking tea made from water left in a kettle where a spider died.

Green bullet Photographs show a venomous caterpillar known as an asp.

Red bullet A man on vacation in Bali learned a spider had been living under his skin for three days.

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