Urban legends about horror, terror, and the supernatural.

Since urban legends are often a means of expressing our fears about the dangers that ripple just beneath the surface of our seemingly calm and untroubled world, it should come as no surprise that horror legends are one of urban folklore's richest veins. We worry about the terrible accidents we're powerless to prevent, and we fear anonymous killers who choose victims at random. We cannot protect ourselves from the venomous animals who slither undetected into the places where we work, play, and shop, nor can we stop the onslaught of insects who invade our homes and our bodies. We're repulsed by the contaminants that may lurk in our food. We're afraid of foreigners and foreign places. We fear for our childrens' safety in a world full of drugs, kidnappers, and poisons. We never know what gruesome discovery may be waiting around the next corner. And even if we somehow escape all of these horrors, our own vanities may do us in.
Cannibalism Cannibalism
What's eating you?
Insect Infestations Insect Infestations
Creepy crawlies.
Contaminated Food Contaminated Food
If we are what we eat, we're in trouble.
Malicious Mayhem Malicious Mayhem
Ill-natured pranks and vandalism.
Deadly Animals Deadly Animals
Critters with attitude.
Murdering Madmen Murdering Madmen
Killers lurking behind every bush.
Drug Horrors Drug Horrors
Dealers, drugs, and users.
Parental Nightmares Parental Nightmares
What every parent fears.
Fatal Vanities Fatal Vanities
Suffer to be beautiful.
Poisonings Poisonings
Accidental and deliberate poisonings.
Freakish Fatalities Freakish Fatalities
Odd ways to go.
Supernatural Tales Supernatural Tales
Ghosts and other spooky stuff.
Grave Robbery Grave Robbery
Robbery most vile.
Techno-Industrial Terror Techno-Industrial Terror
When technology turns upon us.
Gruesome Discoveries Gruesome Discoveries
Gruesome finds of corpses and assorted body parts.
Traffic Tragedies Traffic Tragedies
What happens when you don't keep your eyes on the road.

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