Gruesome Discoveries

Urban legends about gruesome discoveries.

No doubt about it, we're a squeamish lot. Just as we'd prefer to think steaks come from a grocer's freezer and not from a cow, we'd much rather not be confronted with the gore and finality of someone else's death. It's too immediate a reminder of our own fragile mortality, something we'd much rather not dwell on.

No one wants to discover a corpse, whether it be the remains of a person or a pet. Dead bodies belong in funeral homes where we have a chance to emotionally prepare for viewing them; they shouldn't turn up under our hotel beds or stuck to the grills of our cars, where their shocking appearances can send us screaming into the night.

White bullet Drunk driver finds girl's body embedded in the grill of his car.

Green bullet Vacationing couple discovers dead body under their hotel bed.

White bullet Volkswagen Beetle is found crushed between two trucks.

Green bullet Decades-old automobile wreck is discovered alongside road.

White bullet Dead pet shipped by air freight is replaced with live animal by baggage handlers.

White bullet Family mistakenly returns neighbor's dead rabbit to its cage.

White bullet Thief steals shopping bag containing dead cat.

White bullet Woman dies of heart attack with phone in hand; telephone in husband's crypt is found off the hook.

Green bullet Cuckolded husband presents his wife with the head of her lover.

White bullet Grandma's mortal remains are stolen along with the car she was being transported on.

Green bullet People have been buried alive by mistake.

White bullet Girl goes insane after medical student slips cadaver's arm into her bed.

Green bullet "Hanging man" in funhouse turns out to be corpse of outlaw.

White bullet Bride kidnapped on her honeymoon turns up years later as a sex show captive.*

White bullet Threatened motorist finds severed fingers of his assailants caught on his car.

White bullet Corpse of a hide 'n' seek-playing bride is years later found in a locked trunk.*

Red bullet Secret tape recorded aboard the doomed shuttle Challenger captured final panic-stricken moments of the crew.

Red bullet Man who died at his office desk went unnoticed by his co-workers until five days later.

White bullet Man locked in an unplugged freezer thinks he's freezing and dies.

White bullet Farmer who cannot sell his cattle at auction due to their drought-caused emaciated state kills them and himself.

White bullet Girl feels for the furry collar of her roommate's housecoat and finds no head.

White bullet Encounter with a dead man on the subway.

White bullet Man fooled into thinking he has been executed dies of a heart attack.

Green bullet Suicide victims have been mistaken for Halloween decorations.

Red bullet John Wayne's autopsy revealed 40 pounds of impacted fecal matter lodged in his colon.

Green bullet Father parks his truck atop a leaf pile containing his daughter, killing her.

Green bullet Burglar discovers a suicide in home he's broken into.

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