Though different societies favor wildly different culinary creations, one dish is taboo to everyone: the flesh of our own species. Just the thought of consuming it, even inadvertently or indirectly, is enough to give us the shudders. These stories are food for (creepy) thought. Bon appétit!

White bullet Family mistakes cremated remains of relative for food product.

White bullet African consumers are horrified by American baby food company's packaging.*

White bullet Imbibers drink the liquor from a barrel used to preserve a dead body.

White bullet Brewery employees discover body of worker in vat of beer.

White bullet Burglars mistake urn of cremains for cocaine.

Red bullet Roast fetus is the latest gourmet food in Taiwan.

White bullet Egyptian explorers find and eat a jar of honey, then discover a child's body was stored inside it.

Red bullet A Berlin restaurant plans to offer meals made from human body parts.

Red bullet A virus known as LQP-79 produces "zombie-like" cannibilistic behavior in humans.

Red bullet A hotel restaurant in Nigeria was found to be selling human meat.