Deadly Animals

Urban legends about deadly animals.

Much as we'd like to think humans are the dominant and most powerful creatures on this earth, it simply isn't so. Time after time we're shown to be at the mercy of Nature and her creatures, especially when we intrude into their domains.

Red bullet Alligators live in the New York City sewer system.*

White bullet Burglar's fingers are discovered in choking dog's throat.

Green bullet Abused goat kills its owner.

White bullet Stray doggie adopted by tourists turns out to be sewer rat.*

Red bullet Palm Beach golfer is devoured by large crocodile.

Red bullet Venomous snakes lurk in the ball pits of fast food restaurants.*

Red bullet A South American camper became dinner for an anaconda.

White bullet Photo opportunity involving a bear and a honey-smeared child goes horribly wrong.*

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