Titanic Legends

Legends about the steamship RMS 'Titanic'.

She was the world's biggest-ever ship. A luxurious miracle of twentieth-century technology, the Titanic was equipped with the most ingenious safety devices of the time. Yet on a moonlit night in 1912, the "unsinkable" Titanic raced across the glassy Atlantic on her maiden voyage, with only twenty lifeboats for 2,207 passengers ...

— Walter Lord, A Night to Remember

Red bullet Multi-millionaire passenger John Jacob Astor made an archly humorous quip when the Titanic struck an iceberg.

Red bullet Catholic shipyard workers believed the Titanic was doomed because her hull number read 'NO POPE' backwards.

Red bullet A shipyard worker was accidentally trapped and entombed within the Titanic's hull.

Red bullet The Titanic carried a cursed mummy in its hold.

Red bullet Harvard requires all students to pass a swim test because a benefactor's son drowned when the Titanic sank.*

Red bullet The Titanic was the first ship to send SOS as a distress call.

Red bullet A man sneaked his way onto a Titanic lifeboat by donning a woman's dress.

Red bullet The Titanic was never advertised using the word "unsinkable."

Green bullet The sister ship to the Olympic and Titanic was originally intended to be named the Gigantic.

Yellow bullet The last piece played by the Titanic's musicians was "Nearer My God to Thee."

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