Ham-Faced Dog

A photograph of a dog with ham on its face was shared as a photo of badly burned dog.

In December 2015, a picture purportedly showing a dog that had been badly burned while rescuing a family from a fire started circulating on social media:

ham dog

The above-displayed image does not show a badly burned dog. The photograph shows a dog with a piece of ham on its face. While this may seem obvious to some, several people liked and shared the above-displayed Facebook post as if it were a genuine item.

Stephen Roseman, the Facebook user who posted the above-displayed image, admitted that the story was fake in the comment section below his post:

People, people this isn't even my dog, I found this picture on fascistbook, stole it, and decided to use it in a prank to fool these religitards

So I did, and low and behold idiots left and right fall for it, and those that didn't, seem to think they have a superior intelligence or something, for pointing out the obvious

Keep in mind, I never told a single soul to like this, that is their choice, I don't give a f*ck either way.

The image, in other words, was initially shared specifically to poke fun at both the people who tend to share "1 like = 1 prayer" messages on social media sites, and the people who would subsequently point out that it was a joke.

Dan Evon is a Chicago-based writer and longtime truth enthusiast. His work has appeared somewhere, and he earned a degree at the University of His Choosing. His exploration of Internet truth has been supported by grants from the Facebook Drug Task Force.