Glurge Gallery

Help us overcome the urge to glurge.

What is glurge? Think of it as chicken soup with several cups of sugar mixed in: It's supposed to be a method of delivering a remedy for what ails you by adding sweetening to make the cure more appealing, but the result is more often a sickly-sweet concoction that induces hyperglycemic fits.

In ordinary language, glurge is the sending of inspirational (and supposedly "true") tales, ones that often conceal much darker meanings than the uplifting moral lessons they purport to offer or undermine their messages by fabricating and distorting historical fact in the guise of offering a "true story."

Many of us, it seems, cannot overcome the urge to glurge.

White bullet Missionary is protected from murderous attackers by the miraculous appearance of 26 armed guards.

Multi-colored bullet Temple Baptist Church was built on land sold for fifty-seven cents, the amount saved by a little girl who had been turned away from its Sunday school.

White bullet Girl who prays for protection is saved by two angels who keep her safe from being raped.

Green bullet A teacher's ad hoc class assignment is kept and treasured by her students.

Multi-colored bullet Having survived a horrific storm, a slave trader promptly gave up his livelihood, became a Christian, and penned the hymn 'Amazing Grace' in thanksgiving.*

Multi-colored bullet Ant fortuitously retrieves contact lens lost by mountain climber.

White bullet Father has to choose between saving his drowning son or another boy.

White bullet Child badly injured in an accident is comforted by "birdies," his description of angels.

Green bullet During a hospital visit, President George W. Bush saluted an Army officer who had been badly injured during the September 11 terrorist attack on the Pentagon.

White bullet Verse describes the suffering of a three-year-old girl who dies of a beating delivered by her abusive father.

Multi-colored bullet William Waldorf Astor rewarded a hotel manager's kindness by making him the manager of the grand Waldorf hotel.

White bullet Father must choose between saving his son or all the passengers on a train.

Yellow bullet A 3-year-old boy sings You Are My Sunshine to his ailing baby sister, and she recovers.

Red bullet Cartoonist Charles Schulz designed a quiz to demonstrate the importance of having people who care about you.

Yellow bullet Learning disabled boy hits home run because others let him win the game.

Red bullet The Corporate Angel Network, an organization that coordinates free air travel for cancer patients, began when Coca-Cola executives arranged for the U.S. Navy's Blue Angels to fly a liver from San Diego to Houston in time for transplant into a little girl.

Red bullet The poem "Daddy's Day" was written in response to the September 11 terrorist attacks.

White bullet Deceased mom finds a way to tell her son what their last dinner together meant to her.

Yellow bullet Soldier delivers kiss to little girl from her father.

Green bullet Pastor encounters traveling stranger who hands out bibles.

White bullet Teen girl who disobeys her parents dies in hospital later that night after a two-car accident caused by her drunk, stoned date claims not only his life but that of her mom and dad.

White bullet Soldier uses a deck of cards to help him pray.

Green bullet Account describes Indianapolis Colts coach Tony Dungy's talk before a 2006 Athletes in Action breakfast.

Multi-colored bullet Notorious mob lawyer "Easy" Eddie O'Hare teaches his son Butch the value of honesty and integrity; Butch goes on to become a decorated war hero and dies in the service of his country.

Red bullet George W. Bush took a half hour off from glad-handing supporters at a 'thank you' dinner to witness for Christ to a teenage boy.

Multi-colored bullet The sad fates of rich and powerful men from 1923.

Green bullet As a teenager, U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell learned to speak Yiddish while working in a Jewish-owned baby equipment store in New York.

Multi-colored bullet Abraham Lincoln endured a steady stream of failure and defeat before becoming President of the United States.

Red bullet Mel Gibson was the inspiration for the film The Man Without a Face.

White bullet Man overcomes fright and intervenes in attack; saves his own daughter!

Yellow bullet Eight-year-old Danny Dutton defines God in a school-assigned essay.

Yellow bullet Description of how laundry was done in bygone days imparts "count your blessings" message.

Red bullet A Virginia State Trooper expresses his frustration with the public treatment of policemen two months before being killed in the line of duty.

Green bullet Truck driver involved in capture of sniper suspects prayed with other truckers that the sniper would be caught.

White bullet High diver is saved from jumping into a drained pool when he casts a cross-like shadow on the wall.

White bullet Congregation's prayer to move a mountain to make way for a new church's parking lot is answered.

Green bullet Illegitimate child grows up to become Governor of Tennessee.

Green bullet Contestants in a Special Olympics race linked arms and crossed the finish line together.

White bullet Shuttle astronaut Rick Husband was a man of religious faith.

Red bullet Maya Angelou wrote an inspirational religious poem entitled "I Am a Christian."

Red bullet Shortly before dying of an overdose, meth addicted teen pens insightful poem in jail.

Yellow bullet Telephone operator befriends a lonely little boy.

Yellow bullet A war-separated couple is reunited by a tablecloth.

Green bullet Drawing from three stories about his life, Steve Jobs delivered a moving commencement address to Stanford's 2005 graduating class.

Green bullet Football star Kurt Warner married a woman who had two children, one of them a special needs child.

White bullet The befriending of a new kid at school stops a suicide.

Yellow bullet New York mayor Fiorello La Guardia once took over a courtroom and charged everyone present 50¢ to pay the fine of an old woman accused of shoplifting a loaf of bread.

Red bullet Cleveland Indians second baseman Joe Gordon once deliberately struck out to prevent rookie Larry Doby from looking bad.*

Red bullet The same person posed for the figures of both Judas and Jesus in Leonardo da Vinci's painting of "The Last Supper."

Green bullet E-mail sent from orbit captures Columbia astronaut Laurel Clark's final words to her family.

White bullet John Michael Montgomery's song "The Little Girl" is based on a true story.

Green bullet Dying child is made honorary fireman by the Phoenix Fire Department.

Yellow bullet Mall Santa's visit to ailing tot sparks miraculous recovery.

Green bullet Doctor operates for free on girl who years earlier gave him milk instead of water.

Multi-colored bullet Trapped miners gave their oxygen to a young father, who survived.

Red bullet Fatherless child struggles with piano lessons, surprises former teacher by learning to play well, is killed in Oklahoma City bombing.

White bullet Aged grandfather who drops things is banished from the family table to eat from a wooden bowl.

White bullet Teen pens an essay detailing his loss of life after a car accident.

Red bullet The cockpit recorder from Alaska Airlines Flight 261 revealed a pastor's wife led passengers in prayer just before the plane dived into the ocean.

Green bullet In 1969, comic Red Skelton lamented on his television program that the Pledge of Allegiance might someday be considered a "prayer" and eliminated from public schools.

Multi bullet In response to the death of his wife and child, the famous jazz band leader Tommy Dorsey wrote Precious Lord.*

Yellow bullet A little girl seeks aid for her sick brother and learns the price of a miracle.

Green bullet A struggling newborn was helped by the healing hug of her twin.

Red bullet Inspirational essay about sin and file cards was penned by a teen who died tragically.

White bullet Wartime penpals arrange to meet at Grand Central Station: he will know her by the rose in her lapel, and she will know him by how he reacts to it.

White bullet Dying child leaves a drawing of a sandpiper for a curmudgeon she met on the beach.

Red bullet Sandstorm in Iraq reveals location of thousands of mines to U.S. troops.

Red bullet Martin Savidge of CNN interviews four selfless American soldiers serving in Iraq, offering them the chance to make phone calls home.

Green bullet Premature baby who survives against the odds years later announces that God smells like rain.

Green bullet Poem about a soldier's lonely night before Christmas.*

Red bullet Stevie, a young man with Down syndrome, receives generous donation from truckers who frequent the restaurant where he works.

Red bullet Real diary entries of a rejected teen who subsequently had tragedy strike her family show the lead-up to suicide.

Red bullet Fighting on opposite sides, father and son meet one last time on a Civil War battlefield. Found in the dying boy's pocket is the melody now known as Taps.*

Green bullet E-mail describes the Hoyts, a father and disabled son who participate as a team in marathons.

Red bullet Teacher turns around a particularly unlovable child named Teddy Stoddard who goes on to become a doctor.

Red bullet Radio commentator Paul Harvey is the source of an essay entitled "These Things I Wish for You."

White bullet Little League umpire writes an open letter to parents just before dying of a concussion caused by a thrown bat.

White bullet Boy agrees to transfuse his ailing little sister, thinking the procedure will kill him.

Red bullet Tenor José Carreras recovered from leukemia with the assistance of a foundation secretly started by his bitter rival, Plácido Domingo.

White bullet Glurge says, "Think before you judge."

Yellow bullet Account of a Denver physician who helped a woman in distress.

Red bullet John Wayne was brought to Jesus thanks to a note from an evangelist's injured teenage daughter.

Red bullet A young Winston Churchill was saved from drowning by the father of Sir Alexander Fleming, the discoverer of penicillin.

White bullet Aid given a child helps him buy a doll and a white rose as gifts for his dead sister and his dying mother, both victims of a drunk driver.

White bullet Person who buys unwanted painting at estate auction inherits entire estate.

White bullet Hospitalized man yearns for the bed by the window which, unknown to him, faces a brick wall.

Red bullet National Geographic ran an article about a mother bird who sacrificed herself to protect her chicks from a forest fire.

Red bullet Mr. and Mrs. Leland Stanford decided to found their own university after being rebuffed in an attempt to donate a building to Harvard.

Green bullet The biography of John Wooden, legendary basketball coach.

Green bullet A child who wrote to God about deceased pet received a kind letter and a book to help her with her bereavement in return.

Green bullet Jack Benny arranged to have a single red rose sent to his wife every day after he was gone.

Green bullet Teacher imparts lesson in value of freedom by having veterans return students' desks.

Red bullet Muslim girls buried alive by their father are fed and comforted by Jesus until rescuers come for them.

White bullet List of 12 rules for raising delinquent children.

Multi-colored bullet Narrative marvels at the cross-like shape of the laminin molecule.

White bullet Father demonstrates via brownie recipe the effects of a little smut.

Red bullet E-mail offers George Carlin's views on aging.

Yellow bullet A Chinese couple eloped and lived in a secluded cave for over 50 years.

White bullet Teacher's classroom lesson about making a difference prevents a teenage suicide.

Green bullet Former White House Press Secretary Tony Snow authored an essay about the "unexpected blessings" of cancer.

Red bullet Concentration camp survivor is coincidentally reunited years later with a girl who has secretly helped feed him.

Yellow bullet Shoppers buy food for a woman who was embarrassed over using a welfare card at grocery store.

White bullet Girls who pray for deliverance from menacing thugs drive home in car that has no battery.

White bullet Pilot of a disabled bomber goes down with the plane to comfort a gunner who is trapped in his turret.

Yellow bullet Before she dies, Edith Burns, a woman who believes in Easter convinces another woman to believe too.

Green bullet Text reproduces newspaper columnist's list of "45 lessons life taught me."

Red bullet Adopted dog Reggie's former owner was a soldier killed in Iraq.

Multi-colored bullet A dying Erma Bombeck penned a list of misprioritizations she'd come to regret.

Red bullet Horse named 'The Old One' rescues herd from burning barn.

Green bullet Account by astronaut Buzz Aldrin describes his taking communion on the moon.

White bullet About-to-be-divorced wife asks husband to carry her to the door every day for a month.

White bullet Child whose kisses-filled gold-wrapped box angered parent subsequently dies.

Red bullet Toddler found safe in a cooler 4 days after a tornado explains a man with wings put him there.

Yellow bullet Mother leaves touching text message for the child she died shielding during an earthquake.

Red bullet Mother reveals in posthumous letter to son that she'd had only one eye because she'd donated the other to him.

Yellow bullet NFL quarterback Tim Tebow was born after his mother declined to undergo an abortion after experiencing a life-threatening illness during her pregnancy.

Green bullet Article details efforts of John Glenn's wife to overcome stuttering.

Green bullet Account describes cab driver's taking an elderly woman to a hospice.

Red bullet Actress Audrey Hepburn authored a pithy list of beauty tips.

Red bullet Bill Gates explains to a waiter why he left a much smaller tip than his son did.

Red bullet A Young Marine spends the night comforting a dying stranger in the hospital.

Yellow bullet Account describes Rose, an 87-year-old college student who returned to school to finish her degree.

Green bullet Café customers buy "suspended coffees" for less fortunate patrons.

Green bullet A Houston restaurant server declined to wait on customers who made derogatory comments about a child with Down syndrome.

Yellow bullet Penelope Eddy provided a kindness for a homeless man who had helped her many years before.

Red bullet Brad Pitt authored "A Secret of Love" about his wife.

Red bullet New pastor poses as homeless man, then reveals himself to congregants.

Red bullet Angel guised as a priest saves critically injured girl then vanishes.

Green bullet Victim disarms would-be mugger by treating him to dinner.

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