Telephone Scams

Fraud and scams involving telephone services.

  • Pressing #-9-0 on your telephone allows scammers to make long-distance calls and charge them to your phone bill.
  • Scammers lure unsuspecting phone customers into placing calls to the 809 area code.
  • Cards from a "Parcel Delivery Service" notifying recipients of parcels awaiting delivery were part of a premium rate telephone scam.
  • Text message to "hubby" on stolen phone nets purse snatcher the PIN he uses to empty the couple's bank account.
  • Con artist pretending to be phone company rep makes it appear he can cause your phone to stop working.
  • Scammers pretending to be from Microsoft gain remote access to users' computers and/or strip their bank accounts.
  • Telephone customers return one-ring calls from foreign phone numbers and are charged hefty fees.
  • Answering a call from the number 96723345 may enable scammers to clone your phone's SIM card.
  • Callers pretend to be IRS fraud division employees and tell victims they owe tax monies that must be paid immediately to avoid criminal penalties.

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