Fraud & Scams

Auto Theft Auto Theft
Schemes for stealing cars and related accessories.
Telephone Scams Telephone Scams
Scams involving the theft of cell phones and phone service.
Employment Scams Employment Scams
How scammers take advantage of people seeking jobs.
Sales Scams Sales Scams
Stealing retail goods and scamming people who offer items for sale.
Phishing Phishing
Ripping off consumers via e-mail.
ATM Scams ATM Scams
Scamming ATM cards, PINs, and bank accounts.
Tax Fraud Tax Fraud
Scammers pretend to be the IRS to defraud taxpayers.
Identity Theft Identity Theft
Nefarious schemes to obtain others' sensitive personal information.
Advance Fee Scams Advance Fee Scams
Scammers get money up front but don't deliver the goods.
Distress Scams Distress Scams
Scammers tug heartstrings by pretending to be persons in distress.