Warnings about dangerous methods of food preparation and compounds found in food products.

Food is such an important aspect of our lives (we couldn't live without it, after all) that the safety of what we eat is of the utmost concern to us. Accordingly, many of the warnings we come across every day deal with the safety of the foods we eat, expressing concern about everything from the containers we cook in to the use of genetically-engineered plants and animals.

Red bullet Microwaving food in plastic containers releases cancer-causing agents into the food.*

Red bullet The artificial sweetener aspartame is responsible for an "epidemic of multiple sclerosis and systemic lupus."*

Red bullet Mountain Dew will shrink testicles and lower sperm count.*

Red bullet The energy drink Red Bull contains a dangerous stimulant linked to the formation of brain tumors.*

Red bullet Canola oil is toxic.*

Red bullet The combination of shrimp and Vitamin C tablets will cause arsenic poisoning.*

Red bullet Young boy dies from eating Pop Rocks candy with soda pop.*

Red bullet KFC restaurants stopped using the word "chicken" to describe their products because they are serving meat from genetically modified animals.*

Multi-status bullet Ingestion of some types of margarine increases the risk of coronary disease.

Red bullet Bananas will be extinct within ten years.

Green bullet Apple pips contain a cyanide compound.

Red bullet In the wake of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, consumers should avoid fish because it may contain the zulican virus.

Red bullet Cups of instant noodles pose a danger to consumers due to their wax linings.

Multi-status bullet A massive recall of contaminated Sara Lee meat products is underway.

Green bullet Cadbury of Canada has recalled chocolate eggs that may have pieces of plastic in them.

Green bullet Mold that forms in pancake mix can cause life-threatening allergic reaction.*

Red bullet Studies linking bread consumption to various societal ills call for "bread free" zones around schools.

Green bullet Prepackaged salads may contain E. coli.

Multi-status bullet A child who drank sour candy spray experienced throat spasms.

Multi-status bullet The FDA has advised consumers to not eat fresh spinach or fresh spinach-containing products until further notice.

Red bullet The FDA has barred travellers from bringing Vegemite into the U.S.

Multi-colored bullet Gorton's fish fillets have been recalled due to reports that pills were found in some of them.

Green bullet Recall issued for foil-wrapped chocolate coins because they contain melamine.

Red bullet Fruit must be eaten before meals rather than after lest it putrefy in the stomach and cause bloat.

Multi-colored bullet Star fruit is dangerous to eat.

Multi-status bullet Pyrex brand glass bakeware is now manufactured from different material and is more susceptible to breakage.

Multi-colored bullet Banana baby food is being recalled due to glass in the product.

Green bullet A consumer found a fermented Capri Sun fruit drink.

Multi-colored bullet Article warns about the dangers of brominated vegetable oil in Mountain Dew soda.

Red bullet Image shows a package of Kraft macaroni and cheese bearing a warning due to the presence of GMO wheat.

Red bullet Takis cause ulcers and cancer in children.

Multi-colored bullet Item warns about eating farm-raised tilapia and other fish from China.

Multi-colored bullet Video shows Golden Corral restaurant storing food in an outdoor trash enclosure.

Yellow bullet Insect larvae have been discovered in packages of Earth's Best brand baby food pouches.

Multi-colored bullet Smithfield Foods was sold to a Chinese company that will be slaughtering and processing hogs raised in the U.S.

Multi-colored bullet Fireball whisky has been recalled.

Red bullet The world will run out of chocolate by 2020.

Red bullet Eating six or seven bananas at once can result in death from a lethal potassium overdose.

Red bullet Photographs document crabs imported from China that have been injected with toxic preservatives.

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