Culture Clash

Urban legends about cultural differences in food preparation and selection.

What we consider to be food, and how that food is prepared, can varely widely from culture to culture. Sometimes other cultures relish foodstuffs we consider taboo, and prepare food in ways we find disgusting. And many of them feel the same way about our food choices . . .

White bullet Africans were horrified by an American baby food company's product packaging.*

Green bullet The Chinese are raising St. Bernard dogs for food.*

White bullet Family mistakes cremated remains of relative for food product.*

Red bullet Roast fetus is the latest gourmet food in Taiwan.*

Red bullet Chinese restaurants use cat meat in their entrees.*

Red bullet Korean company solicits American shelters for dogs to turn into soup.*

White bullet Tourists dining at a Chinese restaurant are served a dish made from their own dog.*

White bullet Cultural differences lead to humorous incidents.*

White bullet Kit Kat chocolate bars bring luck to Japanese students during exams.*

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