Ball Pit Misadventure

Fake news reports that a pit bull tore off a man's genitals when he attempted to engage in sex with the canine.

Claim: A Florida man was emasculated during an attempt to engage in sexual relations with a pit bull.


Example: [Collected via e-mail and Twitter, January 2016]

I want to know if the story is true that a man in Miami attempted to rape a male pit bull dog and the dog emasculated him.

Origin:On 12 January 2016, the web site World News Daily Report published an article reporting that a 37-year-old Florida man had suffered some very serious groin injuries after being bitten by a pit bull:

Jesus Ramon Sanchez, from the Little Havana neighborhood in Miami, was allegedly attempting to engage in sexual intercourse with a 4-year old male pit bull, when the dog defended itself by tearing off the man's genitals with its teeth ... According to witnesses, 4-year old Spanky, was playing with his owner in the park when Mister Sanchez grabbed him and attempted to rape him. The male pit bull violently resisted and severely injured its attacker's legs, arms and groin.

"The dog was just running around, playing with a ball, when the man came out of nowhere and tried to grab it," says Dorothy Steinberg, a witness of the events. "The man had his pants down and was struggling with the dog. Everyone in the park was just stunned and nobody did anything, but the dog defended itself and bit back. In a matter of seconds, he grabbed the man's genitals with its teeth and literally tore them apart."

There was no truth to this story, however. World News Daily Report is a fake news site, one of many such clickbait sites that publish salacious fictional tales in order to attract social media users and generate advertising revenues. The site's disclaimer admits:

WNDR assumes however all responsibility for the satirical nature of its articles and for the fictional nature of their content. All characters appearing in the articles in this website — even those based on real people — are entirely fictional and any resemblance between them and any persons, living, dead, or undead is purely a miracle.

The article included the photograph seen above, which purportedly depicted the unfortunate Sanchez after his canine sexual misadventure. However, the image neither featured the individual named in the article, nor was it related to any bestiality incidents. Its first appearance on the web occurred in 2009, and its precise source was unknown.

Previous World News Daily Report hoaxes reported that a baby in the Philippines was born with stigmata, that a lottery winner died after attempting to gold-plate his testicles, that a 14-year-old virgin was directly impregnated by a flu shot, that a slaughterhouse employee surreptitiously murdered dozens of his coworkers over a span of nearly two decades, and that a donor heart recipient went on a murder spree after being transplanted with an organ from an executed serial killer.

Last updated: 13 January 2016

Originally published: 13 January 2016

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