Urban legends about embarrassing situations.

Urban legends are primarily expressions of our fears, and one of the things we fear the most is being embarrassed. And, as this collection of legends demonstrates, we can be embarrassed in a bountiful variety of ways.
Accidents Accidents
The cost of some accidents is a loss of dignity.
Celebrity Encounters Celebrity Encounters
We do some pretty silly things in the presence of celebrities.
Business Business
Trying to fool others isn't always good business.
Duped! Duped!
Nobody likes to find out that he's been had.
In the Buff In the Buff
Few of us care to appear in public wearing our birthday suits.
Doctor, Doctor Doctor, Doctor
Physicians often see us at our worst.
Feminine Mystique Feminine Mystique
Some indignities are visited specifically upon women.
Mistaken Identities Mistaken Identities
What happens when we pretend we know what we don't know.
E-Mail Exchanges E-Mail Exchanges
What you say in e-mail can come back to haunt you.
Miscues Miscues
Well-laid plans gone astray.

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