E-Mail Exchanges

Legends involving embarrassing exchanges of e-mail.

The ease of e-mailed communication leads some to descend to a level of familiarity that, in retrospect, they were far better not to have plumbed.

Green bullet Intern for U.S. senator sends embarrassing break-up e-mail to his girlfriend.

Green bullet Intern at prestigious law firm sends embarrassing message to multiple co-workers

Green bullet Law firm secretary sends caustic reply to senior associate's e-mail request for a £4 cleaning bill reimbursement.

Green bullet Exchange between secretaries over a ham sandwich leads to both being fired.

Yellow bullet Fellow exacts revenge on cheating girlfriend by broadcasting her apologetic e-mail and his reply to it.

Green bullet Departing employee e-mails acerbic "leaving letter" to his colleagues.

Yellow bullet E-mail exchange between property manager and renter turns personal.

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