In the Buff

Urban legends involving accidental nudity.

Most of us can think of few things more embarrassing than accidentally being exposed to others — particularly strangers — in our birthday suits. This collection features tales that take that concept and add some extra helpings of indignity to it.

  White bullet When a man at the door identifies himself as a "blind man," an unclothed housewife too late realizes that the phrase has more than one meaning.

  Red bullet A man stuck in cat door without his pants is mistaken for a work of art.

  White bullet A naked housewife wearing only a football helmet encounters a meter reader.

  White bullet A housewife blurts out an embarrassing remark when surprised in the buff by the milkman.

  White bullet A man who tries to retrieve his morning newspaper in the altogether is inadvertently locked out of his home.

  White bullet A hotel guest unwittingly chooses the skylight over a restaurant as the perfect place to get an all-over tan.

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