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Donald Trump's campaign did not unveil a new logo that resembles a swastika.

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Claim: Donald Trump unveiled a new campaign logo that resembles a swastika.


Example: [Collected via Twitter, November 2015]

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Origins: On 27 November 2015, an image purportedly showing Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's new campaign logo, one that drew criticism for being reminiscent of the swastika symbol of Germany's Nazi Party, began circulating via Twitter.

However, the purported logo shown above, which can be seen to contain a swastika in the negative space between the four Ts, did not originate with Trump's campaign. It was a spoof based on Trump's personality and public statements that was created by the satirical web site Facthole:

Declaring it the "best, most luxurious, and most expensive logo that any campaign could have," Donald Trump proudly unveiled his new campaign logo today.

Facthole was a relatively new web site in November 2015, and many readers who stumbled upon the above-displayed logo were probably unfamiliar with the site's humorous nature. Additionally, Facthole doesn't include a readily available disclaimer identifying the site's content as satire.

Users could have determined that the above-displayed logo was fake, however, by crosschecking the image with Trump's official web site, examining some of the other articles on Facthole (e.g., Rick Santorum did not convert to Islam), or deducing that Trump's official logo would not be watermarked by an unrelated web site.

Last updated: 28 November 2015

Originally published: 28 November 2015

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