Club 21

Is there a private club known as 'Club 21' near the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' attraction in Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom?

Claim:   A little-known, exclusive club, the only place in Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom where alcohol is served, is housed near the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction.

Status:   False.

Origins:   No. you haven't been there, your friend hasn't been there, and none of your friend's friends has been there. Walt Disney World does not have a Club 21. There is a Club 21 (or 21 Club) at 21 West 52nd Street in New York, but when the Muppets took Manhattan, they didn't bring it back with them to Orlando.

Club 21 is part hoax and part confusion with the various corporate lounges found within the Magic Kingdom (one of which is indeed located near the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction). People mistake the rather modest lounges for private clubs on the scale of Disneyland's Club 33.

Last updated:   21 August 2007


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